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davidDavid Schnaufer is the Founder of Schnaufer & Walker, P.C., and helps people minimize their income taxes by maximizing their tax deductions; especially if they’re self-employed or a business owner, sole proprietorships, LLCs, S Corporations, and C Corporations.

   My name is David Schnaufer, and I would like to tell you my story. I've seen a lot of countries and a lot of different places, from Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, and the awful times I've seen back there. Then ended up back in Washington State. I went to college for three years and eventually came down to Texas in 1993. I finished at University of Texas at Arlington. But once I came down here, you have to follow my cats around, since they're in the North Texas area with my wife. I got my accounting degree from UTA in 1995.

   The big story is to catch up with the grace of God. I was working in a small place, with an individual sole proprietor, a CPA in North Dallas. I worked for him for a couple of years and learned a lot. This particular Sunday, I was attending the Calvary Temple in Irving. The assembly of that church was pastored by J. Don George. I didn't know if he was a great pastor; but I was there on Sunday morning and there were real cowboys dressed in western attire. I don't know if anyone would wear suits, but back then, a lot of people did and I did too.

   Here is an interesting story of how I got into the occupation that I’m in, particularly the niche that I am in. This particular Sunday, we drove to Irving to this church that also has a Sunday night service. Most churches have the stand-up-and-shake-somebody's hand during the church service. The pastor would periodically point out the church’s CPA. On this particular Sunday, that happened and then meet and greet somebody before we settle in for the sermon.

   I said, "Hey. I'm a CPA, and we live in the area.”

   He said "Oh Well," and wrote down his address and said "Send me your resume, we're looking for people.” I sent the resume and received a call for an interview on Monday, and had the job within a week. I ended up working at this firm in Irving. Well, particularly ministries and pastors, some of the TV personalities, and very well known pastors watch today’s religious broadcastings. A lot of a very high profile ministers, and ministries that are supporters.

   After about nine years, I went on my own in 2007. Now in North Dallas, if we do the same things, not profit-related and also for profit related; I could solve tax savings strategies for about any types of businesses, whether you have X Corporation, or C Corporation or an LLC, or a partnership or the sole proprietorship. While you might be wondering, every entity has tax advantages and tax disadvantages. I couldn't get you a lot of tax comparisons. Though, you might want to be one particular entity and how to overcome the disadvantages of that entity. So that gets the least important potion of my life out of the way.

   So that's what I'm going to touch on. How God brought me into the ministry. Based on who I was and where I am now, is God's grace. While growing up, I don't know if you knew people in the early days, but it might fail you. We never missed church; we went to the early service. The 8 o'clock service every single week without fail. Some of you might have some ideas, but we didn't attend a church that stimulated us to grow in the Lord. All these years, growing up through high school, we didn’t give financially to the church. Like I said, we never missed. We're really noble and a good family. Morally speaking, none of my siblings went astray, or got on drugs or anything like that. We just worked at growing in the Lord. We were saved. I knew who Jesus was, and was baptized.

   On Sunday morning, even when I was away in college, those kids probably rebelled a little. I'm not going to church, but my older cousin made me go. I would get up for the early service and ride my bike, through the town, on the campus side to a different church. I stopped going for a year and met a gentleman by the name of Craig, and he was outside the dorms. When I was coming in, he started a conversation and introduced to me the Four Spiritual Laws. So I sat down with him and went through that and was impressed. I started hanging out with him and his friends and they had a camp between Sacred Christ chapters at the University of Washington. I started attending a Bible study and ended up going with Craig and his friends.  

   Most importantly, he invited me to his church which is across the lake. If you've ever watched a football game at the University of Washington, the stage is right on the lake. Right across the lake from the football stadium was a church called Kenny Bible Church. Kent Butcher established it and became famous, and started talking with Glam a TV shows that aired a couple of years ago. He ended up dying tragically with cancer. He was my first non-church pastor. Would’ve been in my time in 1993, I moved to Texas.

   My family moved to Texas and I ended up going to University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and finished my accounting degree. So then in 1994, I received a prophecy. This particular Sunday, actually it was on Friday. I worked in the College and Career Functions back then and it was a Friday night, not a big crowd. I was on the fifth row on the aisle. I was called out by the pastor, to come up front. I was a little shy about that and was quietly praying. I was the last person he called out that day. So I walked up there expecting to receive a word from the Lord. The pastor said, "Young man, do you think I'm going to let you leave here without giving you a word from the Lord?"

   He says, "If you're going to be like Caleb, the mouth will be yours, you're going to be involved in the interstate of ministry. To youth, to retain your youth, like that, things like Caleb was rediscovering in the Old Testament.

   That was in 1994, I'm a little bit introverted now, those that know me, I really was then. I'm not even remotely outgoing in nature. In 1998, if you're familiar with Promise Keepers, there motto was “Men of Integrity.” I was attending Calvary Temple in Irving, Texas. In 1998, I recalled a verse from Hebrews 5:12 and I'm going to paraphrase it. “In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!” That verse was really strong in me.

   Because I've been thinking, here I am, finally growing with the Lord and its six years later or more. So this verse is really speaking to me, and does something for God. I didn't know what. So in February 1998, this was a very unique service, a big assembly in that church, and still standing, it's a big church across the highway from the Irving mall, with a big steeple. So I'm sitting there in February, 1998, and they never use props or anything like that. But I just pushed it on a Sunday; they put a dining room table on the stage. The pastor started calling people out in the congregation, telling these people stories. I remember one, about a murder back then, of a young girl. I think it was a relationship jealousy or something, that was making all the news and her parents were in the church. She ended up getting life in prison.

   They have a bus ministry, but I didn't know anything about it. It was never discussed. So I think the bus passers at time had left. They had dwindled to nothing; they just hired a new guy as a new bus passer. We're having a kickoff for the new bus passer, and we need people to sit in. I'm sitting there, and this servant is talking to me. I've been thinking about the prophecy, that I've been involved in the inner city ministry for kids. So I showed up the next Saturday, February 13 or 14th, of 1998. I was driving on Valentine's Day, the guy showed up and there was this big room with fifty people in there, including all the staff passers, to be a bus passenger. They wanted to have six routes. Well the college and career passenger was in there, but I was the only actual person with college and a career. So I became a passenger on the route. I ended up doing that for six years. We bused the six routes; and 500 kids a week. A lot of people were blessed and saved.

   So when I got married, unfortunately I had to stop because that was a very time consuming activity. My wife has a much better testimony than mine. She puts mine to shame and has a great story. She was born in Kuwait as a Muslim. She gives a long testimony all the time. Safeeya is a very popular speaker as well. She came to America in 1991 or 1992. She doesn't remember what happened back then, because of Desert Storm. She was supposed to be in America for two weeks max. Thanks to the divine prophecy of grace, the divine prophecy of God. She was in America and supposed to be on a two week vacation, when Sadam Hussein attacked Kuwait, burned the oil fields and everything else. She ended up visiting people in Chicago that were called that morning. They have her vacation stopped. All they have, they ended up losing everything. They ended up not going home so people in Chicago and people in Texas that didn't go stayed with her. She ended up staying here. For eight years, no one invited her to a church, or never heard anything about Christ. She was a Muslim, and then someone invited her in the church.

   In 1998, same year that I started bus ministry, she heard the gospel for the first time. She was given a Bible and read it in secret, hide it in her mattress, and ended up getting saved. She gets to invited to speak all over. Also does mission trips as a full-time missionary. She just got back today. I picked her at the airport today at 2:00PM. She got back from Tanzania. She goes to Israel a lot as a former Muslim. If they know, they know standing for Jews and holocaust survivor and you. But she really likes talking to holocaust survivors. To be able to say look, I was taught to hate you. I had no reason to hate you, whatever word that I have, growing up as a little girl, they told me to. You're never wronged me, and yet, I've thought the worse in you. That's what I kept saying to get on track there now I understand I got. Okay. But in Islam, they're victims; they do bad things, or talk to you bad things. By their doctrines and so forth and so on. But I will just say we need to look at them through the eyes of Christ, that they are lost, that they need the Lord to make a new trip, transform the gospel. They are victims. Just like Safeeya, my wife was a victim of Islam, and she was taught to hate the Jews etcetera.

We need to look at that, we need to know; they do bad things, or want to kill us. We are being filled out to death. We need to look at them as Christ who loved our enemies. To love those who will persecute us. To love those who are against us. In the real life they're the victims. They were being taught that, those bad things. So Sophia told the Jews that she had a vision that you are my diamonds. I've read the Bible she told them. I read the bible and I realized that you are God's chosen. She gets these fake diamonds, which takes them and gives them out. This is what God people brought to God, but then to me she was going hut to hut, village to village. I didn't hear the full total, but I have basic idea 700 people have come to the Lord. Being a there in her team, she was also speaking in some of the small churches and does a lot of that. We both went to Japan in February. We spoke at the administrator's conference. I got to share other evangelized Muslims. She spoke to well, on how to testimony. You know the there so much patrol, if you ever come with us, there are roots in the bible, that says God uses the weak to condemn the wise. The weak thinks of the world. I kept myself cheap from among them.

   There was verse talking about me for sure. He uses the weak; he uses the foolish to our universe to guilt. To have found the wives and show wisdom to them. So that's one, with all due respect from my heart, I'll speak up myself. If you look our brew, if you came without our brew, I think you will see that if you look at us, and said God is using you guys? You're bringing 28000 people to lord. I mean none of us are that, in my estimation none of us really care if you're mad. We have a mailman. We have haircutters, some of us. Single, single parent, mothers. Some of us are happy around Kings and can't walk that well, and yet, God is using our voices and uses our feeling. He would like to use all of you. I know you're happy using, you probably already is. More so, if he's not using you, all you have to do is be open. Talk close and gets with just PE. Just an encouragement, we can be of used to God. As I say, we don't have to read 4 verses. Share your testimony, if you have a unique one, that's a great way to do it.

   Certainly, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America advises you to use your testimony. Share it with the broken, and whoever you speak to. But also don't forget the word of God. Romans 3-23 says all people have sinned, and fallen short the Glory of God. I like to tell people on the streets, you have a point too and he on the book of James where it says there sexually paraphrasing that if to him and knows to do good and doesn't do it. He makes a sin. I tell people on the streets to look at that. In Romans 10:9-10, it states: If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is LORD," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. We encourage them to follow after God, attend a Bible believing church, and read The Gospel of John. You can grow in the Lord by reading the entire Bible and talking and listening to God. We will see God face-to-face in Heaven.

   We provide little booklets that talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, also known as being baptized in the Holy Spirit. But that’s who you are and that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s the more important part of me, not my technique in CPA work; but like a certain memoire.



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