Daniel Aitken Story

My name is Daniel Aitken. I am a current high school student and work as a freelance web developer.

I would like to tell you my story. I was born in Nassau, Bahamas where I spent about half of my life. My parents underwent a divorce when I was two-years old. My father had grown to love his wealth and possessions over God and family while living a lifestyle of adultery and drug addiction. This caused my mother, older sister and I to move to Texas.

After three years my father had a miraculous change, and my parents were remarried and we were reunited as a family. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was four-years old, but my defining moment in having a relationship with him came much later. When I was five years old, I asked my dad to baptize me in the swimming pool, just the two of us. Once I came up out of the water, I boldly proclaimed, "And next time I'm baptized, it's going to be with the Holy Fire!"

I had just finished watching a Gospel Bill video upstairs in our house in Tennessee, where one of the main characters got baptized in the Holy Spirit and was accused of being drunk when he started speaking a new language all over town! I bounded downstairs and told my mom that I wanted the same "baptism of holy fire" and then almost shouted, "AND I WANT TO PRAY IN TONGUES!" My mom then took me in another room and explained to me that I simply had to ask and God would give it to me. In childlike faith, I did just that and immediately began to pray in my new language! That was the beginning of a new work of God in my life that has never ended.

Following a period of fruitful ministry, my father inherited the family business and accepted an offer to return to Nassau. The business was one of great prestige and wealth and allowed the restoration of his previous status. We settled back into our old ocean-front house. I went to a prestigious private school, and our family was closer than ever. However, like most seven year-olds, I didn’t have any clue of what a relationship with my Heavenly Father was. When my parents decided to pull my sister and me out of private school and put us in home schooling, a deep rooting of spirituality would be planted into me that no one could have foreseen. It would be these next five years that would prepare me for the rocky obstacles and trials ahead.

As time went on and I grew deeply in the Lord, my father slowly began to sink back into his old ways. He came home smelling of liquor, acted more brashly and showed less regard for those he claimed to love. We later learned that he had been having an affair with another woman and had succumbed to his old addictions, all the while acting as a God-fearing father and husband. The realization was heart churning. We prayed earnestly for him.

In 2009 my little sister was born, and the Lord made it clear to my mother that my father had chosen a path of darkness, and that God was bringing us out for good. That summer, unbeknownst to my father, we packed up our bags and flew to the States. I left my home feeling angry, upset and most of all heartbroken. The man that was supposed to help mold me into a man of God had rejected his second chance. I was lost and afraid, but God knew exactly where I was.

The same summer of the move, I attended a camp with a church that some family friends of ours went to. During an altar call for forgiveness, I felt a presence tugging at my heart to forgive my earthly father and embrace my heavenly one. And so that night, face down and cheeks wet, I did just that. I woke up the next morning with the sense of a heavy burden being cut off. A new joy and peace encompassed my being. I could feel God’s love wrapping itself around my wounds and beginning a new process of healing and growth.

A few years later I became involved with a church that one of my neighbors pastored. It was at this church that I met my mentor and close friend, Nathan Cole. Without even knowing who he was, he invited me out to get some coffee. It struck a bond that I will never forget and that I continue to thank God for. At that time he was leading worship at the church as well as working for Chi Alpha, a campus ministry program. I was taking various computer programming and maintenance classes and was very interested in the careers that went along with them. After I got to know Nathan a bit more, he offered to teach me the type of web development he did, and I got to help him out on a lot of stuff while making some spare cash on the side.

During this business mentorship, he also was able to reach me spiritually. His insight and thoughtful prodding has really challenged me and has been helping to shape me into the man of God I know I am destined to be. When Nathan moved away, he gave me the opportunity to partner with him in business, and I now have clients of my own. I have grown more in the past two years than I have in the rest of my life. Glory to God!

I may not have had a storybook childhood, but my Heavenly Father has proved to me that even when man fails, His love prevails. God isn’t limited by our circumstances, our past or our human limitations. His father’s heart is reaching out to redeem the broken. When my earthly father was unfaithful, He showed Himself faithful. He took me from fatherless to fulfilled.

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