Dan Moss

Dan Moss   My name is Dan Moss, and I am Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman for Geophia, LLC. Atlanta, Georgia.

   Jesus also said it's not I who does it. It's the Father within me that doeth the work.

   So, anything that I have done and that brought forth a miracle, it's the Father within me that did it to work. I want to make that clear. I needed miracles in my life. There's a lot of sickness with my wife and my son, and I was always blessed. I was never sick. I never had an accident, and nothing really happened like that to me. I was raised in Church sort of. It was sort of casual. I go with my mother sometimes. My father had no interest at all. He was a very intelligent man. He was an Organic Chemical Engineer. He went to Georgia Tech, and I know he was raised in the little Southern Baptist Church in Gordon County. I know he was. His mother was my grandmother and his sister lived there and they were faithful Baptists. My mother grew up in Southern Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia. Her mother was such a strong believer. If the doors were open, she was there and had been there. And my mother said she was always talking to Jesus, praying to Jesus all the time, and for everybody else as well. That will come up a little bit later.

   My mission is to glorify God and extend his kingdom. Now, I want everything that I do to learn up behind that matter. I am a son of the red clay of Georgia soil going back into 1700 on the North sides. I'm sure they were Baptists. Those blessings say the generations of the righteous are blessed. And that actually happened in my family. It became very clear how that was important because when we were married, my first wife, who later died of cancer, didn't have those blessings. They had curses. I've been down that family line. There was alcoholism, suicides, car wrecks, strokes, early death. These are terrible things, marriage problems, financial problems, every kind of problem. And I asked this lady who was a prophet at Life Center when I was going over there. I said tell me why that is. Nothing good, all curses over her family, and then my side is mostly blessings. And my brothers and sister, they're not even faithful. And yet their kids get scholarships to Harvard for smartest and best and received all kinds of favor. They walk away from accidents. She said, "Somebody in your family line, stood for righteousness". So that was my grandmother. She is so righteous. So, generations of righteous are blessed. So that has come down to us.

   And I believed in Miracles. I kept hearing about them. I go to church. I joined the St. Paul's Cathedral when I moved to Atlanta in 1973. I was in there. And they believed in Miracles. They had a healing service; every Wednesday and they still have it. And they have the Church shaped like a cross and over on the right-hand side, is the name of the blessing, biblical. While in an altar, they have healing prayer thereafter every service. Right after communion, you could walk over there and lay hands on Him and give Him praise. And they believed that. And there were people in there that had some miracles.

   But I had never seen a miracle. I've never seen Him. I wanted to see Him. But I've never seen Him. In 1983, my son was born. And he was born with a cord wrapped around his neck multiple times. That usually kills the baby when they come down the birth canal, chokes him to death. My wife had a 9-foot cord, which is highly unusual, to have an umbilical cord of 9 feet.

   Years later, I figured out what that was. They say in the book of Isaiah, "Before they call, I will answer." I'm sorry, I'm coming, he handed it at all. I didn't know that was a miracle. I just thought it is a blessing. Well, that's good.

   Then my son suffered from asthma and allergies. It ran in the family. My father had asthma; my brother had asthma, breathing problems. And I was giving money to Derek Prince Ministry. And the lady called me and said, "We appreciate your donation so much. How can we pray for you, Mr. Moss?" I said, "Well, I don't really need any prayer but pray for my son. He has asthma, nearly died from it several times. And it ran in the family. My father had it." She said this, "Who in your family was in the Masons?" "Well, my grandfather, he was a Mason. What's that have to do with my son's asthma?" She said that's where the curse came in. The Masons ran into idolatry and Witchcraft and I'm sure my grandfather didn't know that he has farms. He worked on the railroad and a faithful family man probably wants to place the dough, fry fish on Friday night, and join the Masons. The next thing he knew, then she died of pneumonia, then my father got asthma, suffered with it all his life, died of emphysema, and shot all through the family of breathing problems. Respiratory problems. His sister got lung cancer and God; she has never smoked. So, she was right. Those breathing problems came from the Masonic curse that came in. So, I decided I'm going to make that, I couldn't find much about it. And so, I started reading up on it. That became one of my Ministries in getting people free from Masonic curses and I run into it all the time.

   And I read a book called The Pigs in the Parlor. Y'all have probably seen that book. And the scales really fell off my eyes and I realized that's the problem. We are not attacking the enemy. We're letting him attack us. And we got to learn how to bind up these devils and demons to get them out because they're behind almost every sickness. They're either causing it, or they're making it worse. So, I started reading up on all I could. Derek Prince, I read shelves of books on deliverance, casting out, demons, and so forth.

   So here are some of the Miracles that I have seen. My son was in a coma from asthma medicine that was given to him that caused a seizure. He's one year old. And, really not to get a chance of living. And he was in Eggleston hospital. They call it Eggleston back then if you'll all remember. So, I went down to the chapel, and I started praying, I got on my knees. And I said, "God, let him live and I'll do whatever I can to help advance your kingdom." So, I went upstairs. He was out of the coma. Said they'd release him to go home. So, we came home, but he still had seizures and he still had asthma. And I knew I was dealing with an enemy. And I became close to a Ministry up in Chattanooga. And this man has the ability to see into the spirit realm. He had that gift of being able to see angels and demons. And I was taking my son up there, several times a month to get ministry from him. And one time, he said he saw a demon on him and the deaf and dumb spirit. Remember the one in the Bible that caused the boy to fall in the fire and the water, and the Father came up and said your disciple hasn't been able to heal this boy. He said this one only comes out by prayer and fasting. And Jesus cast it out. It was a deaf and dumb spirit. That same Spirit was on my son, causing seizures. While he cast out the deaf and dumb spirit, and the seizures ended, right? He never had another seizure. But he still had asthma. And I went through all the prayers that the lady at Derek Prince Ministry gave me where you renounce every level of the Masons confessions. And we went through everyone. I went through it with my son.

   And one day after that, he had an asthma attack. I think I'm going to get this thing nailed to death. So, I start railing against that demon. I started buying again, "In the name of Jesus, is the power of the Holy Spirit. I find your King would change in their nobles, with fetters of iron. I curse you. I called on the fire and Judgment of God against you." And at last, he went into this big cough, erupted into this big cough after about 10 minutes of quoting the scriptures, the demon couldn't stand it anymore and he left. All right, so he was set free. How many know demons like to come back?

   Some year later, we were out in Colorado skiing and having a good time. Then the next thing I knew, we were back in the lodge and he said, "Dad, it's come back, but I can't breathe." I said, "Okay, I know what to do." So, I started praying, finding out the demon, casting him out, quote the scripture after scripture. I'm getting nowhere, anywhere. God, what's wrong? So, I went on down to the pharmacy, got some medicine. And I came back and said, "I got your meds here." He said, "Oh, I don't need them now." "You don't need them? What happened?" He said, "Well after you left, it was like something was holding me down, choking me. I couldn't breathe. I called out to God, and he said I renounce every oath. It might grandfather took it the Masons and then I called on the fire and Judgment of God against the demon." You see, God wants to hear it from him. He knew I could say it. He wants to hear him praying. And he did, and he was set free.

   Yes, and just because he was 18, see there's no junior Holy Spirit. He got the Holy Spirit like what you guys have, the same one.

   All right. So now he's healed of asthma and allergy. Then I'll tell you, too, talking about Colorado. I was out there on a ski trip and the van I was driving was T-boned in an accident. And ran right in and where I was sitting was hit the hardest. And the five of us in the van and a totally brand-new van, and another man had his ankle crushed. They put us in an ambulance and took us to the nearest hospital. I said it hurts right here, just hurts so bad right here in my chest. I think I must have broken a rib and punctured the lung, scraping the lung or something. He said, "No, no, no. Now we've taken x-rays on you. We've taken a blood test. You don't have any broken bones, but you're having a heart attack." I said, "Oh, jeez." I've been praying and praying in tongues all the way into the Angels. God gave me two scriptures. One was man's heart failing for fear. This heart is failing for fear. I wasn't that familiar with that scripture. But it's there, God gave it to me. Fear. And then it said, "God has not sent a spirit of fear. But the power of His sound love." We all remember that one. Well, who said it then? Well, God, it was the devil who's trying to take me out. So, I knew what to do at that point. I found up the spirit of fear, cast it out. I quoted those two scriptures, cast them out in the name of Jesus, and boom. Our God fell on me, and I was instantly healed. I said to the nurse, I said, "Come here. I just got a Divine Healing from this heart attack. I'm ready to go." "No, you can't go anywhere you're having a heart attack.”Yep. I just got to Divine Healing and I'm ready to go." "Well, you bring the paper over here. I'll sign them. And I want to go." "Well alright, but you got to be thoroughly checked out when you get back on the lab because we know you had a heart attack. And probably still have it, you just don't know."

   So, they checked me out and the guy who has a crushed ankle was healed too. So, we both left on the same flight back to Atlanta the next morning. We never even had to change our reservations. So, praise the Lord, very faithful.

   I had an elderly aunt; she's my grandmother's sister. And she lived in Brookhaven right now, in Peachtree in Lynbrook square. And she's always pretty healthy. But then an advanced age, she got arthritis. Her arthritis was so bad. She couldn't bear it. She said, "I just want to die." We take her to the best doctors. They said they're giving her all the best medication. She's 90 years old, we can't do anymore. I said, okay. I took her home and I laid hands on her, and I rebuked and bound and cast out spirits of arthritis, bursitis, and pain in the name of Jesus. Well, it didn't work. Hallelujah, anyway. I went back and did it again and she was set free.

   The lady said, "Praise the Lord. When he does it, he does it well." So, she was set free, but later on, when she was 105, she got a gall bladder infection. That gallbladder infection was getting worse. They had at Piedmont Hospital. The doctor said, "Is this right, 105? I've never seen anybody105." I said, "Yeah. In 1903" "Well, we can't operate on her, she's too old. She might die in the operating room." And I said, "Well, what are you going to do?" "I'll put this tube and plastic bag to drain, and she'll have this little bag. I'll send her back to Lynbrook." And she's back there and she said, "You know what? I'm not going to live like this. I just rather go on to the Lord, 105 years old." She ripped the tube out and the bag, threw it on the floor. She quit eating, and she quit drinking, and that was about the end. I said to the nurse, so I said "Wait, wait, I've got this CD here of Mahesh Chavda healing from our time. Play it all night. Play it on repeat. Play it over and over. And she did. I went down there a couple of days later, and she had been to the hairdresser and was eating in the dining room with everybody else. And she lived to be 108. I don't know anybody 108. She got favor from God.

   Then there's my mother. My mother was always a faithful Christian, always helping in church. She fell and broke her hip at 85. Now, when you break a hip at 85, that's the beginning of the end. Now, we pray for her. She got well. She got over that. Then at 95, she tripped over the walker during the night, and then broke the other hip. So, we prayed and prayed, and she got over that. Then when she was 100, she got so dehydrated and tired. They put her in the hospital. I really did not expect her to live. My sister started writing her obituary. Then mother said, "Wait, call Dianne." So, I knew she wanted to live from them from saying that. So, I got people in my church, and we started praying and praying. And sure enough, then the doctor came in and said, "Wow, what happened here? Looks like you're about ready to go home." And she's 100 years old. Said, "Well, my friends have all been praying for me." “And it looks like it's worked. You're ready to go home. But you'll have to take this oxygen tank with you." And pulled it behind me. "Well, your blood doesn't have enough oxygen in it."

   So, she got back to the assisted living where she's staying and they said, "Mrs. Moss, I need to speak to you in a minute. You can't live here if you have an oxygen tank. We don't have the staff here to take care of you. You have to move." She said, "I'm a hundred years old. I don't want to move." They said, "Well, try it a couple of days." So, we prayed she wouldn't need the oxygen. Then she didn't need it during the day, and she didn't need it during the night. She was totally set free of oxygen. And she went on to live 103 years old.

   She was hospitalized but got over that. Then there was a young man who my son worked with when he was a fag boy down Publics. And I got to know, got to like to God. I actually hired him to help take care of him. It was working at my office. And one day, they call me he'd gotten in a bad fight in South Atlanta and was left on the road and then ended up in the hospital when I come down to see. He was in no shape to come home, that he was covered in blood and pain. So, I pray for him and left. The next day, I went to the office. He was there before I was. I said, "Wow. Walter, what happened?" He said, "Well after you prayed, all the pain stopped. And they let me go. I'm healed." I told him, "Praise the Lord."

   Now, fast forward, by a year and a half later, he called me, and said he got this nephew down in Macon, in a children's hospital down there. He has a tumor, inside that baby. It's inoperable, about the size of a lemon. They can't operate and connected everything and will die in a day or two. Well, I came down there, and pray for a miracle. He said, "Sure." So, I went down there and pray. The whole family was there. The mother, the grandparent, poor people from down in the country. And I got a word from the Lord. He said, "Dedicate the baby to the kingdom of God." I said "You're the mother. Will you dedicate this baby to the Kingdom of God?" "Yes, I will." So, she did. And we went and prayed for and rebuke the spirit of death. Anointed with all of his life over. And they called me the next day because we had to leave because visiting hours are over. They call me the next day and said, "Guess what? That tumor completely vanished."

   Some year later, I asked, "How is that poor boy that we prayed over the baby?”Oh, he's 11 years old now, and doing a sprint." So, God circled back for that. Let me know. I've seen people's legs grow out. I had a secretary to work with when I was at Prudential, and she had all this back pain. I said, "You missed three days of work, what's wrong?" "I can't bear the pain." I said, "Does it hurt when you stand up?" She said, "It hurts no matter what." I said, "Come to my office here." I got another lady who is a faithful Christian. I said, "I'm going to pray. And I'd hold your legs out. I believe you must have one leg shorter than the other." She did. And then I spoke to that leg. I said, "Leg, you grow out to match the other one in Jesus' name." Before I was finished with the prayer, that leg had shot out. That was the end of her back pain.

   I'm about to wind up here. And I have a collection here of angel feathers. Sometimes, the Angels visit us and leave little markings behind. Little Feathers. We find them in the freezer, on the floor, in front of us. One, my wife found in money envelope inside of her wallet. And no way could a bird have been in there. So, she got that sign from the Lord in her money wallet. And that next week somebody paid her $6000 a day over and gave her a part-time job for $1500 a month.

   So, I think we're through now, but I'll say one other thing. We can bring in the glory. I'll pass these, don't open it. But that's our angel feather collection there. And if you look you might find some, I said that to people and they said, "Yeah, on the people next to me the next day." So, I thank you for all you do for the Kingdom. Glorify God in all you do. I pray blessings and favor over all of you in Jesus' name, Amen.

Dan's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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