Corey Johnston

Corey Johnston

My name is Corey Johnston, and I have a BS in civil engineering. I have owned a civil engineering consultant firm, a 16 bed assisted living facility, been involved with land development, and a planning board member for five years. I have coached hockey, baseball, and now softball serving as the head coach for a varsity high school team.

   At the age of 39, I found my life coming apart at the seams.  My marriage of ten years was in shambles, my civil engineering consultant firm was mired in the recession, and my six figure salary was reduced to just health insurance benefits with no pay while still working to keep the employees and business going. I owed the assisted living facility with my soon to be ex-wife. We were losing residents, and our cash flow was hardly enough to cover the bills.  To make matters worse, we had just bought a house a few months prior, and now had a whole new household to pay for.  Credit cards were maxed to leverage assets to buy more investments.  I had hit rock bottom.  Although the money situation didn’t look good, I knew I started with nothing, and if I lost everything I would just start over. I was a slave to thoughts regarding my marriage and trying to save it.  Now with split custody of our two kids, ages 9 and 12. I would only see them every other week.

   Over the next nine months, I would try to “deal” with my thoughts by partying and dating.  Finally, not being able to control the thoughts I had, I turned to God and started to go to church.  I had accepted Jesus when I was eleven. After high school, I stopped going to church, and I didn’t have a relationship with God. Over the next twenty-one years, I was going into churches for weddings and funerals only.  I had been an altar boy while attending a Catholic elementary school, and I attended a Baptist middle school. But, my life had not changed.

    Over the next two years, I went to a spirit-filled church. When things were not good, I would attend church. When things were good, I would not attend church figuring I could handle things on my own when it was good.

   Finally, in the summer of 2010, I had been seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I received my heavenly language.  Everything was about to change as a hunger was born in me to know God’s plan for my life.  Now there seemed as if there was power and thoughts within me to fight off the enemy. When before it seemed as if the enemy was fighting from inside of me, now I was fighting from without.

   That summer, I hungered and thirsted after God. I pursued God with great intensity, and He filled me more and more.  God would fill me as fast as I would seek.  During this time, the Lord began to bless me like never before. Not only financially, but He blessed me with my second wife, Brandy.  My life would forever change. I knew I would serve God for the rest of my days.

   In 2013, with no knowledge about Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship America (FGBMFA), I was led to attend a preliminary meeting, announced at our church, to discuss forming a new local chapter. The Lord told me to “Go to the meeting and do whatever they need you to do.”  At this meeting, it was determined that we would start a chapter, and I met again in a few weeks to nominate officers.  At this meeting, I was nominated and voted in to be president of the chapter.  So here I was president of a local FGBMFA chapter without having any knowledge of what FGBMFA was.  I began to do research online about the organization. The Lord spoke to my spirit, “Don’t look at all the things man has added to the vision I gave Demos, go back to the book Happiest People on Earth and the vision I gave him.”

   Through this FGBMFA chapter, we started a jail ministry in 2015, and have witnessed numerous salvations, baptisms in the Holy Ghost, and many answered prayers for the inmates.  A nursing home ministry is being started at the writing of this testimony as the Lord expands the vision for the chapter.  The Lord continues to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think.

   My wife, Brandy, and I live in Bristol, New Hampshire.  We have six children, Kyle, Dylan, Amanda, Alexis, Isabella, and Abigail. I am the New Hampshire National Director of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America (FGBMFA) and President of the Central New Hampshire chapter of FGBMFA.

Corey Johnston's Hearing His Voice Testimony