Cody Craig, Sr.


   My name is Cody Craig, CJ's dad. I have a business called Kingdom Construction. We do residential and commercial fences. God has given me a vision through my business to help men, to teach and show them what it is to live for God in business. I want to help them start their new life, and build a foundation on Jesus to keep a spiritual atmosphere at work, and to see men launch into their destiny with their own business. That's the vision that God gave me.  

   That was my son CJ. God has honored his promises, and has been so good to us. Growing up, I had a dad that tried to raise me right, since dad and my mom were separated. Mom lived a lifestyle of drugs until I was eight years old. I can remember my uncles making me watch people coming in and out of our house, doing drugs. I smoked my first joint with my mom, when I was less than ten years old. I had my first wreck when I was twelve years old. I was drinking and driving at two o'clock in the morning.

   My dad didn’t have any idea about my life, but I was living that other life. I liked being bad and had a good hearted and mom. My dad's family had good hearts too, and really didn’t live for the Lord, but they knew who was. While growing up, I went to church on Easter Sunday. When I was sixteen, we moved around and some of our neighbors took me to church.

   I was pretty popular in school. I played sports and was known as a sports guy. I had it made in school, because of my flexibility. But, I didn't have a foundation and had no idea who I was. I had no idea what a real man was. I thought being tougher than everybody else, getting women. That's what I thought a man was. It was an identity crisis in my life, and the devil had me fooled. Trying to be a maverick led to destruction.

   I graduated from high school and my sports career ended. I was alcoholic at seventeen years old, doing steroids and alcohol. I was supposed to play college baseball and never showed up. Instead, I went to a strip club one night and came home with a girl. I didn't know what meth was, and she had a lot. I did it and three weeks later, I was learning how to cook methamphetamines. At nineteen and twenty years old, I was cooking methamphetamine. I was busted six months later and was charged with possession of drugs, and didn't know it was illegal. That's how green I was, and the life I was living.

   I went to prison and didn't know how to live when I got out. So, I went right back in prison. I didn't even care about being a father. I didn't really care about anybody, and didn't care about myself. The last time I got out of prison after serving three years, my lifestyle was unchanged. I was having fun being bad and lived a bad lifestyle. I was selling drugs in Dallas and the SWAT team kicked in my door. I had two little girls and the SWAT took my daughters. They were adopted, and I lost all desire to live. I wanted to die but couldn't commit suicide. I sat with a gun in my lap, hoping to shoot myself and couldn't do it.

   I had a plan, where I was going to make somebody kill me. I started robbing dope dealers; and kicking in doors all over Dallas. It was like I lived in a third world country. I robbed and kidnapped people. I was a wrecking ball causing destruction. I didn’t care about anybody or anything. I had no conscience and lived for the devil. I was mad at God and would cry out, controlled by the devil.

   One day I was at a red light in Dallas and just broke down crying. I could see the devil in the sky, was on a string being his puppet. The devil was laughing at me. We were planning to rob an armored truck and watched its routine for about thirty days, while planning the heist.

   I sat at that red light and told God, “If you're up there, I don't want to die.” I had a reward on me, and people are trying to kill me. I could feel the spirit of murder over my life. The next thing that happened, I was arrested and went to jail. I don't know if its PTSD or what it was, but I had no emotions. I cried all the time, but when I'd go to sleep I would see my daughters; and there was that CPS custody. I saw my daughters in my dreams. I would have nightmares about the people that I hurt.

   For three weeks I didn't eat. I was so mad at God I would ask Him, "Why was I born? Why did you let me be born? I hate myself, and I hate you." That's the way I felt. After about three weeks, I was facing twenty-five drug related charges and wallowing in my own misery. While taking a shower, I was crying out to God, “Why was I born? I want to die. Why am I alive?"

   Then I heard the voice of God, "If you really want to die, give me your life." I'll never forget it. That week, everyone in the cell was saved. I was praying and didn't know what I was doing. I open the Bible to the Book of John, and read the Word of God to the inmates and the guards.

   I hadn't escaped from the custody conviction, and couldn’t be a trustee. I was facing an eight-year sentence and they made me a trustee. I had a free reign to be able to walk up and down the halls, and pray with the inmates and guards. People were being saved in a miraculous way. I started reading the Word, and began believing the Word of God. The Book of John opens with the Eternal Word: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that were made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

   I believed the Word of God to be true. God is Spirit and I knew I had the Spirit of God inside of me. He gave me the power to be called 'sons of God' so I knew I was a son of God. Jesus called me a friend and His brother. I was crying and walking with Jesus while in prayer. I had a vision of His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. This is powerful.

   I wound up getting the eight year sentence, and went to one of the hardest prisons in the state of Texas. The first day I got there, I knew it was a bad place. It was full of gangs, but I never joined one. God walked with me for four years and was teaching me. He was teaching me how to live. I asked God, “Help me to be a dad; I need to be a man." One night I had a dream of the Father and a son. The Father kept hiding him, and I finally got close enough to him in my dream. The son stepped around the Father and he opened his hand. There were three shining nuggets, and he gave them to me. I ate them and woke up. He was preparing me for my release from prison. When I got out, it was rough. I had nobody, and no friends. I didn't have any money. I had my dad, but he didn't have Jesus.

   About a month after I got out, I met a woman. Right here, she had never experienced any of that stuff. God had her right there. That was six years ago. We were married about five months after we met. We've been married ever since. God has done some miraculous things for my family, but it's also been an amazing blessing. I worked in the oil field for a couple years when I first got out. I started making good money, we bought some land and built a house. After about two years, I started getting more involved with the church; but started drinking while I was in the oil field. I was still going through the motions, but wasn't connected to the Father.

   My wife and I went to a concert and I was pulled over for drinking. I wasn't making good decisions. I was on parole at that time and he should have taken me away. The police put me in the car and took me down the road, gave me a breathalyzer test, and I failed everything. I was drunk and by the grace of God, I wasn’t hauled off to jail. I was about to lose everything. I just got custody of my son.

   The officer came to me and said, "There's a major wreck down the road. I have to take you back to your car and I want you to drive straight back to your hotel." My wife was crying, and police put me back in my car and let me drive to the hotel drunk.

   With the power of God, we were in church and some amazing things happened. I started teaching a Sunday school class. God wanted me to quit my old way of life. I kept telling my wife that I felt like God has something else for me and for our family.

   She's like, "Yeah, God will give you another job and you can quit this job."

   I said, "Yeah that's right." I went back to work in the oilfield and felt that God was telling me, "Trust Me and quit your job." I was like, okay, so I got to walk it off. Then I started thinking, "Man, I'm about to quit my job. Maybe I didn't hear the Lord right.” I went back to work, and it was just overbearing. I couldn't work and we stepped out on faith before Christmas. It was three years ago and the first two months were hard.

   I started my business and we did everything for the glory of God. We started the morning in prayer with four or five people. Customers were coming to the Lord, and God blessed them. After about a year and a half, I took my eyes off the Lord and started chasing the money. I wound up falling; but by the grace of God, He pulled me through it. My family also pulled through it. My wife gathered people around me, speaking the truth of God and it pulled me through. It's been amazing, and I’m still going through the process. God is opening up doors. God's telling me, "You can't put new wine into old wines skins." God was doing something new. It's so incredible, because right now my business is doing well.

   God is having me to bear down in His Word. I’m spending hours and God is telling me to stay in position for what's coming in 2019, so that's what we've been doing as a family. God has been opening doors. My family is working in a food ministry. We'll have six to fifteen kids on the weekend, staying at our house and just trying to be that example, trying to be a spiritual father. Just guiding them, and giving them the chance that I didn't have. Trying to give them a foundation and letting them see a man walking it out.


Cody Craig Sr Hearing His Voice Testimony

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