Christian Her Story

My name is Christian Her. I grew up in the church.

My parents were leaders in the church, so I always saw the great things God was doing. I saw peoples' lives being changed, but never really thought much of it. I never did have a “real” relationship with the Lord.

Not too long from that my parents divorced when I was 13 years old. On top of all of this we moved from California to Minnesota and that was bad enough for me. I became a very angry child.  It wasn't until I went to a church camp called HOGY Camp, but later changed to Shekinah Camp that everything changed. It was not the altar call that broke me, but the worship. As the music played, I began asking myself, "What is this?" Something was burning up inside me and I began to cry. God's love was just pouring out and I began to feel His warmth around me. In that very moment I knew He was real and alive.  

All my heart wanted to do was worship. After that camp, I told myself I wanted to lead worship. God has just been pouring out so many blessings and opportunities. I began playing the piano and God enabled me to learn rather quickly. I believe the only reason for this was because of my desire to become skillful enough to lead worship. Within a year, I was leading at my church. God was molding me as leader. Our church youth group decided to make a band and I joined.  This group got to lead in many events and conferences. Through this, I was able to experience leading prophetically and letting the spirit lead me.

There was one night at Shekinah that I remember so well. Worship continued because the Spirit was moving, His presence was so thick. On that night I sat in the back, and closed my eyes. As I was worshiping I heard a very faint voice and it was saying, “Open your eyes.” When I did, I started crying. I saw these youth, His children; they were raising their hands, crying and wanting to know their Heavenly Father. I began to hear Him say to me,” This is only a little amount of how much people need me. Go.” I began to cry even harder and I prayed a prayer that God has not forgotten. My prayer was, "God use me the way you touched my life in worship. When You give me the opportunity, I will say yes. I will go."

Since then, I have led many worship and prayer nights, conferences, and mission trips. I am now the worship leader of Shekinah Camp, where I first experienced God's love.

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