Chris Harrison


Chris Harrison is being interviewed by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

My name is Chris Harrison. I'm thirty years old and live in Winchester, New York. In high school, that's when things started really going downhill. I started drinking, doing drugs, and followed that path.

Host: By seventeen, Chris Harrison was street savvy and well connected at the drug scene. He tried every drug imaginable except for heroin. His first time with heroin was almost his last.


Chris: My dad woke up early for work that morning. He came down stairs and he found me lying on the floor not breathing with a blue face. I didn't have a pulse. He called the ambulance. He said that I was flat line, I wasn't breathing. He said he pumps adrenaline into my heart and it brought me back. 

Host: Chris was given a second chance. He went to rehab, but six months later he was caught up to his addiction again. 

Chris: I was angry at life. I was angry at the world. I was angry at my family, and my upbringing. 

Host: In school, Chris had been labeled a troublemaker. So no one was surprised that he was in jail for drug-related felonies by the time he was nineteen.

Chris: I remember one night in jail I just kind of broke down. I just said, “God, if you are really real, make a way for me to get out of this mess.” And here I am. You know, I really don't know much about salvation or anything for that matter. It's pretty much just a plea. On the next day, I heard my name called "Chris Harrison, pack your stuff you are out of here.

Host: Chris's mother heard about a drug rehabilitation ministry called "Teen Challenge." A week later, Chris decided to give it a shot. 

Chris: This was my first time I have ever gone to a church service. They were singing this song. It was about one in the morning and they just sang it for twenty minutes. "If you can use anything, or if you can use me," and it started slicing me up. It broke me down, and I went to my knees, and I just remember just letting go. Lord I need you.

Host: Chris graduated from Teen Challenge and went on to Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY. On a trip home, Chris got into a fight and he was stabbed in the back three times.

Chris: After I was stabbed, I remember just having anger... anger towards God. "Why did You bring me to this place? I had hope, and felt like You had a purpose for my life." I ran from God for three years, and it was a living hell. My heart got hard that night. It was the middle of the night. It was raining, and God forgave me again. I broke down. I walked over to the Teen Challenge Center and went to sleep on the porch. 

Host: That night changed Chris's life forever. Chris said he learned that God is not only the God of a second chance, but the third, fourth chance too.

Chris: God has been very patient with me. I can't help but think of people that I know who are spiritually dead. He allowed me a chance to live again, and I turned my back, and I ran from Him, and still He loved me anyway. I feel like I'm really free. Now it's been years since I touched anything from my old life. This is the story of my life. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. God is faithful. The Lord will never forsake us.

Chris Harrison Hearing His Voice Testimony 

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