Carter Craft

Carter Craft   I am Carter Craft and along with my wife Kathy we are the owners and operators of Craft Customs in Rockwall, Texas.  Our company has been in business for 30 years and specializes in customizing and restoring Leather, Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels and automotive interior trim.

   I am what some affectionately call a “PK” or a “Preacher’s Kid.”  And if you know anything about preacher’s kids, they either follow in their father’s footsteps, or they go 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  I, unfortunately took option “B”.  What pushed me to go the opposite way?  Well there were a number of influences at play.

   Growing up, there was a part of me that was quiet, but there was part of me that really lacked confidence. The pain inside had to be dealt with somehow, so I did what many people do to medicate pain, I turned to alcohol, then drugs, and then sex. I wasn’t a horrible person; I just drank a lot and did a lot of drugs.  I didn’t really like the person I was, and after those first few drinks, I forgot about who I had been, I forgot about the pain, and I was able to be the outgoing person I thought I wanted to be when I was drunk.  So drinking and drugs just became a way of life for much of my teen years and my twenties. I drank and did drugs pretty much every day, I guess I was a teenage alcoholic. So, after a DWI, a couple of trips to jail for public intoxication, wrecking and totaling three cars, I almost died in that third wreck. With massive head injuries and facial injuries, two broken legs, in a wheelchair, with severe amnesia, and my legs in casts up to my hips, you’d think I would have learned something.  Well I didn’t and continued on thinking I was invincible, but really just continuing to drown the pain, and didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing. 

   I grew up in a Christian home. My dad was a preacher, and almost a saint.  My parents were Spirit-filled and understood the Spiritual World, but I never got it.  I guess that they thought since they “got it”, that their kids would just “get it” too.  Well we didn’t.  So, when I was 16 years old, I made a conscious decision to go the opposite direction of my parents.  From then on I hit rock bottom over and over again. That life will do that to you.  There were not many drugs that I didn’t try, and kind of lived my life with an “Anything Goes” attitude.  Well when you let life just drag you around and you follow in a drunken stupor, you don’t develop good character, integrity, morals and principles; even if you think you have these; or even if you try to act like you have these, you can’t fake it 100% of the time. 

   During my first marriage, I would try to go years without drinking, so I became a workaholic instead. It wasn’t anything to work a 100 hour work week.  What I didn’t realize was that I was trying to drown my pain with working and trying to gain approval from others by building a big business.  So after 5 kids and building a large business, my marriage ended and I lost my family, there was rock bottom again.

   I tried to do it God’s way with help from my parents, but wasn’t able to. I got remarried and it only lasted a couple of years.  About the same time I lost this second marriage, my business went under in the 2007-2008 market crash.  Well this time I got mad at God, and turned to the only obvious answer, I turned back to drugs and alcohol, and hit rock bottom again, and didn’t really want to live.  I got through my days and nights literally numbing myself, getting stoned every day and many days starting drinking at 10:00 A.M. in the morning.  After a couple of years of this, I did try to start finding God, but literally trying to look for God in the drugs and trying to see if there was access to the spiritual world through hallucinogenic drugs.  Well, I believe that even that very wrong approach to God, showed Him that I was looking and that I wanted to find Him … if He was real.

   To rescue me, God sent my wife Kathy into my life, whose life at the time was falling apart as well, and God started both of us on a path back to Him. After falling in love and dating for a few years, we were married. But I was still drinking and so about six month into the marriage, the honeymoon phase was over and I started seeing that old familiar spiral down begin.  I told Kathy that we needed to do this God’s way, which neither of us knew how, so we had to figure it out. Her kind heart agreed.  So this is where my story changes.

   We had some ups and downs as we started this new life together. We had both been saved as children, but hadn’t followed God for many years as adults.  We started with taking some steps of faith. First, we staked out our property with Spiritual Warfare Stakes, and surrendered everything in our lives to God.  There was nothing magical about these stakes, but something changed inside of me when we took that step.  When I hammered those stakes into the ground and read scriptures and prayed over each corner of our property, I felt something change inside of me. Literally the next day things started happening in our life that were unexplainable, and they still haven’t stopped happening.

   We talk about being saved, and to be honest, I don’t know that I really was.  I had many questions that needed to be answered that I had never gotten acceptable answers for.  Is God real?  What does it mean to be saved? How can one be saved? What do you do after you are saved? What is the Holy Spirit? What is the Trinity? Where is God? If Jesus drank, is it okay for me to? How do you hear the voice of God? Can you hear the voice of God?  How does God speak to you?  How do you know if it’s God?  What about all the mistakes I’ve made?  What about all of the people I’ve hurt?  How can God forgive me?  How can I forgive myself?  How can I forgive the people who’ve hurt me?  How do I quit the habits that keep dragging me down?  Why do I have to tithe?  Why do bad things happen to good people and why doesn’t God stop them?  Why doesn’t God heal everyone? 

   I had a lot of questions, and God led me through each of them.  I recommitted my life to Christ when I staked out our home and this time I really meant it.  And here’s what some of you are supposed to hear today.  That day I stepped into a different world, and it has never been the same since.  Listen, I mean what I just said, my eyes started to open and I began to see that there was a spiritual world going on around me and I began to see things happen in that spiritual world.  It didn’t all happen at once, but it started that next day.  The spiritual world is real and it is going on around you every day and either you don’t see it at all and are just living your life as best as you can, or you do see it and know it.  So which one are you?  It’s really that simple. 

   It took a little while for God to get my spiritual eyes opened and to get me filled with the Holy Spirit, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Now, we see prayers answered every week and miracles, big and small, happening every day or two.  I don’t want anything to mess that up!

   God has put two burdens and two messages in my heart.  1) I hate seeing people having to hit rock bottom to finally allow God to get their attention.  And, 2) The Holy Spirit, is the Only Answer, Period.

   So how did my life change after the Holy Spirit came onto the scene?  And what does God want to do in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit?  He wants to do the same for you as He does for me or anyone else: He wants to open your spiritual eyes, He wants to fill you with His Spirit, He wants to fill you with His power, and He wants you to be living your life in the Spiritual World every day and every hour of every day.  Listen to me, there are two dimensions going on at all times: 1) this physical world that we can see, touch and smell, and 2) this Spiritual World that is just as real and more amazing and powerful than anything you’ve ever seen.  What is life like in this Spiritual World you ask?  Well that’s a great question!  And I look forward to visiting more about that with you.

Carter's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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