Caleb Johnson


My name is Caleb Johnson, and I'm from Evansville, Indiana. I serve in the Evansville Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America, and I've been with the Full Gospel for four years. I’m the leader, if you want to call it that, of the Holy Smoke Hangout in Evansville. If you don’t know what the Holy Smoke Hangout is, it's a young adult outreach using music and other artistic gifting’s to share the wealth of Jesus and the gospel, in a way that the young generation can receive it and hear it.

To hear the Word of God, and really respond to who Jesus is and what he's done for them in their lives. I'm just going to tell you a little bit of my story, and how I got to this point.

   I was raised in a Christian home in Wisconsin. My parents were actually first-generation Christians, so they were very understanding about how to raise a Godly family. In my opinion, they did a very good job showing who Jesus was, and praying for us. I grew up in a household that was very loving, and in some ways, I really feel like my upbringing was kind of cushy. In other ways, there were some other challenges, because we were very poor. Their idea of Christianity was pretty much 100% ministry, so there was some of that struggle. Because of my dad wanting to be in full-time ministry, we were always very poor. Not that we didn’t survive, and the other things were really, really bad. But like I said, we just didn’t have all of the things that these younger generations have.

   That's okay; I think God uses that as part of my testimony. So I was saved. My salvation experience was very difficult to explain when that happened, because I always knew who Jesus was, as long as I can remember. Jesus was in the home and I was singing. At a very early age, I've always sung. That's been one of the gifts that God has given me; and also that's my passion in the way that I'm fired up. I'm very musical, and was always singing, Jesus songs while growing up. But I can remember when I made that decision. It was in the home, and I believe my mom was the one who led me through the prayer. Basically, it was just a simple prayer, "Jesus, I know that you died for me. I want to live for you. Come into my heart.”

   That happened when I was eight years old. We had some Christian summer camps through the church that we were going to at the time, and it was a spirit-filled camp. On the last night of the camp; they had an altar call for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They explained what being filled with the Holy Spirit was. I knew a little bit about that before, but not really. I have to explain that before this happened at a young age. I was a very timid; I was a very shy person and had a lot of fear. I think it was probably due to the way that I was brought up.

   I was a middle child, and my siblings were always talking over me, and I developed a stutter earlier on in my younger years. When I went to that camp that had the altar call, I heard, "How many of you want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and be able to be a witness for Jesus in your life?"

   You know, something inside of me screamed out, "I want that."

   I don’t want to be afraid. I don't want to be timid. I just felt like that that wasn’t necessarily me, because I was a joyful kid. Like I said, I was singing all the time. It was just when it came to being around other people, and being in large group settings it was harder for me. So I went down, and was filled with Holy Spirit. Yes, they led and it was old school. If you know anything about how it happened back then, when I was younger, it was very much a spiritual coaching.

   They're going to be with you and they’re going to say, "You're just going to open your mouth and start repeating syllables until it catches."

   I believe that I received it that time. I believe that it was genuine; I know it was, because everything about me changed from that moment on. I was almost a completely different person, and wasn’t shy anymore. I recognized very early after that point, I had a leadership call in my life, and I was different from the rest of my generation. Not that I was better, just that I felt like I didn’t fit in before I received the baptism. I didn’t know why I felt a certain way when I was around people and things like that. I recognized that the Holy Spirit started to witness in me, because He called me to a higher purpose.

   When I step into a room or step into these situations, to really help lead and facilitate what I'm doing. Before I had the Holy Spirit, I didn’t really know what that was. I had no understanding that was how God had wired me and that was what He had called me to do, and really He's called everyone to that at some level. You know what I mean? So don’t get me wrong on that, but I do believe that God has given people leadership gifts and when coupled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit grabs you, to be able to walk in the plane you have. I stepped into that at a very, very early age.

   Around high school or so, I began leading Bible studies, student-led Bible studies, and we called it cell groups. It's through a ministry called Barnabas Ministries, which is a peer church ministry. We had them in the school, and usually met before school. I was leading that sophomore-junior year and had a good following. My parents had always played a guitar, and my dad actually led guitar in the home groups when I was growing up. I really felt something in my spirit in my high school years, to pick up the guitar and started learning to play the guitar.

   With most young people nowadays, the reason why they pick up a guitar or learn an instrument is because they want to be noticed. They want people to see them and give them worth, or give them value, to give them acknowledgment. Well mine was the total opposite. I had already been filled with the Spirit; I had already understood who I was, when I picked up the guitar, it was a very quick work for me; because the only purpose was to glorify Jesus. I'm not saying that it's anything about me, it's everything about Him. He put that desire in me.

   When I picked up the guitar, and learned quickly, and I actually began leading the worship. After that happened, we moved to Evansville, Indiana, for my dad to go into ministry. He was going to get his Masters of Divinity at Trinity Bible College in Evansville. While down there, my dad ended up becoming the senior pastor at the church that we were ministering.

   Shortly after that, I was on the worship team helping to lead worship, and being a back-up singer. I also played back-up guitar. The Lord led me and raised me, and finally, put me in a position where I became the worship leader for the church. Then I went through a season of discovering gifting, and the anointing, and the calling from God. The Holy Spirit would use books and other resources, other worship leaders to teach me about worship. What worship was and also what prophecy was. The prophetic gift started to merge with the Spirit of worship, and divinity spirit of worship with the prophecy.

   So I really grew into that very quickly, then God elevated me since that place, to be able to play and lead the worship with people into the throne room of God. To experience the love of Jesus in a way that maybe they've never experienced before. Like I said, I got connected with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America about four years ago, and was connected with Mike Bond in the Evansville Chapter and heard about the Holy Smoke Hangout vision.

   What's awesome about that is that, is five years before I had written in my journal almost that exact vision for the Holy Smoke Hangout. I felt God had called me to help raise this next generation in Jesus. and so I got the opportunity. It was like the Hand in Glove. The Hand in Glove is amazing. God literally led me into the Full Gospel. I got to start, and host a Hangout in Evansville and now I'm doing exactly what I feel like God has called me to do. I'm excited to see my generation step into those gifting’s and callings and be filled with the Holy Spirit to be able to testify of what Jesus is doing in their lives as well.


Caleb Johnson Hearing His Voice Testimony

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