Buddy Fanjoy

BuddyFanjoy   At age seven, I started taking some guitar lessons and then eventually started singing. I was in a number of different bands and also into woodworking a little later on. In 1972, my 18-year-old sister got hit and killed by a car, so that was the first sting of death for me. We have all gone through life and experienced or will experience the sting of death. I will never forget waking up and seeing my father crying and telling me that my sister Debbie went home to heaven but life still goes on. After high school I continued music in different bands and worked in various jobs and eventually got into woodworking.

   I got marred but that only lasted six months and it was difficult time in my life but it was also a crossroads because I was starting to read the Bible more and more and felt an urging to go deeper and to know Him more.I remember one time when I was feeling really hurt and down that I felt the arms of the Lord wrap around me and give me comfort. Looking back, I always had a longing for God though I was not fully serving Him at that time. I remember at a young age, whenever my Mom would play the piano and sing some old Gospel songs, there were my brothers and I dancing around having a great time. I attended a liberal Methodist church, not a spirit-filled or a truth-seeking church. On one occasion I asked the pastor, "So what is the Holy Spirit that I'm reading about in the bible?" and his response was “that it was just a good feeling that we get on Sunday mornings.” I remember saying to myself "that is not what I was seeing and reading about in the bible."

   I haven’t had many dreams that I would say were from the Lordbut this one I believe was. In my dream, I was up the front on or near the pulpit of the Methodist Church that I attended; they had this really cool, big pipe organ of the front. Also, up above, there was a half dome ceiling with the sky painted on it and a Holy Bible in the middle of the sky and for whatever reason I was preaching to the people in the pews. I am not even saved at this time, but I am talking about the Lord and His power. And then, in my dream, from what I remember, they were not really receiving that message at all but then I started rising up and going towards that Bible and awe and fear were in the peoples eyes and their mouths dropped opened and that is all I remember about the dream. I believe that this was one of the ways the Lord was letting me know of some changes taking place in my life and that I'm really heading towards him, the truth, and leaving behind the fake, dead religion behind.

   So I started searching for the Lord and I remember being home, sick one day. I was working in a warehouse or something. I was saying, "There's got to be more. I know there is more." And so I picked up Yellow Pages, opened it up, and I found a Christian college. I called and the person who answered said; "Well, there's a group having a Bible study meeting tonight. There'll be young folks there, and they preach the Bible." So, even though I was sick, I drove up to Framingham that night and joined in.  I thought, "These are people actually believe what is in this book and they are not just acting religious."So I stayed on with that Church for a bit and met a few musicians there and started playing some music with them. After a few months I was thinking, “I wonder if there is anything closer by my hometown?" So I opened the Yellow Pages again and found a church and it said, "We praise the Lord". I was not to familiar with the term, "Praise the Lord" and a bit uncomfortable with it at the time. It was not really talked about in the Methodist Church. So I called the Pastor. He said, "Yes, we praise the Lord here." I went that Wednesday night and was moved and so I just started coming around more and more and was touched by the Holy Spirit through the music, the people and the word of God.

   So that is when it all started to come together and giving my life to the Lord. I left home and moved in to a men’s house ran by the church which helped me grow - as it says ‘iron sharpens iron’. I was still broken and hurt but the Lord stated to heal me. In my quiet times when I was reading the Psalms, the words felt like they were written for me and so I put many of the Psalms to music as it just flowed out - these words of comfort and truth. As I mentioned that I have not had many visions and dreams, but on another occasion, a group of us were in a prayer meeting. This one girl brought up to pray for someone she was working with and she said, "I want to pray for a guy at work. He is not a believer and he has cancer and it was advanced cancer." And as soon as those words left her mouth, I felt the Lord was hovering over us and a voice was impressed in and over me that said; "I have heard, and I have healed." Right after the prayer meeting, I went over to Kim and I told her that I did not say it out loud at the time, but as soon as you prayed for that guy at your work I felt the Lord say “I have heard and I have healed”. Kim contacted me later that week, and said, "I just wanted to let you know, it was really the Spirit that gave you those words and that you should be open to that gift because the guy at work that was fighting cancer was totally healed.”

   I was at one of the Christian fellowships that the church would have and it was there that I saw Nancy and immediately was attracted to her – though she walked right on by me. Fortunately later, when I eventually got up the nerve to ask her on a date she said yes and then, after a while,said yes again and we got married and have four kids together. The Lord has been good!

   I continue to write songs for the Lord and minister wherever He opens the doors to do so. I’ve ministered at churches, coffee houses, prisons and various Christian events.

Buddy's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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