Brian Wills

Brian WillsSid Roth: My guest was given 10 hours to live. That was 34 years ago. Now, his passion is to see people not die before their time. When he shares his testimony, miracles happened, next. SID: Brian was 22 years of age, good health, an athlete, college graduate. He was one day away from fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, becoming a professional tennis player. When tragedy struck. He was raised in a Christian family that believed in miracles, and now he was going to need one. Brian, what happened?

BRIAN: One day, I found myself laying in a hospital bed and a doctor walked in and gathered our family together. He said, "Young man, I've got bad news to tell you." Now, just prior to that, I had been training to go to Europe, to play on the satellite tour, which is like the minor leagues of tennis. I had seen a doctor because I had some pain. The doctor wrote it off said, "Well, maybe you're training too hard."I found myself at this moment where I was put in a hospital. The doctors thought I had appendicitis or kidney stone. After nine days of testing, the doctor walked in and said, "Young man, I have bad news to tell you. You have a rare terminal incurable cancer. This type of cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. You may have two weeks or less to live."

SID: Describe this cancer. What was going on in your body at that time?

BRIAN: Well, when they discovered it, I had a tumor the size of a golf ball. It was on a Friday afternoon. We told the doctor, "Doctor, can we leave the hospital, be dismissed for the weekend? Because we wanted to go home." We had a church family that was praying for my healing. We also wanted to attend some services where some healing evangelists could pray for me. He said, "Yes, that would be fine. You can leave the hospital for the weekend, but I warn you that you don't have much time." I thought, "For sure, I would be healed." Over that weekend, I was no better. I actually grew much, much worse. The next day I was taken, transported, to another hospital. One of the few hospitals in the world that was ever used to seeing Burkitt's lymphoma, stage IV-B. When I arrived there, as in a fetal position, the cancer had grown. When the doctors examine me, the tumor in my abdomen measured 10 and a half inches. Not only that...

SID: From a golf ball to a basketball.

BRIAN: Yeah. 72 hours, went from the golf ball to the size of a basketball. Plus my kidneys had stopped working. Other organs were beginning to shut down. I was admitted to that hospital. They put me on the 13th floor. I did not know this at the time, but the 13th floor was known as the floor of the incurables. Nobody made it out alive. It was a Tuesday morning when I was admitted.

   After the doctors examined me, they told my parents, "You need to make the funeral arrangements because your son is dying. Your son would not be alive by Friday." When my parents heard that, I remember they came into the examination room where I was there. My mother opened the Bible and she turned to Isaiah 53. She said, "Whose report do we believe? We will believe the report of the Lord."

SID: That's good that she said that, it's good that you knew people got healed. What's going on inside of you when you find out you were in the dying ward and 10 hours to live?

BRIAN: Well, at that point, when I lay in that hospital room, and I knew I'd come to the end of my rope. It was like I saw like a vision of almost like a football game. It was the fourth quarter. It was the two-minute warning. And I was the one who was down by two touchdowns. In other words, this cancer was invasive. This cancer was taking over my body. I knew at that moment, I had just hours, just hours to live. I needed God to move supernaturally for me to live. And so I began to pray to the Lord and I said, "Lord, if you heal me, if you get me out of this situation, I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll go wherever you want me to go, I'll go. Speak to everyone you want me to speak to." When I said those words, it was almost as if Jesus walked into my hospital room. Now, I didn't see Jesus with my physical eyes, but I certainly felt his presence. The Lord said to me, "Son, if you will do these steps, you will be healed. You'll walk through the fire, but not be burned." When I heard that, I was like, "Steps. What do you mean steps? There's something that I have to do?" I said to Lord, I said, "Steps, what are the steps? What do these steps look like?"As I asked the question, all of a sudden on the inside, I knew the step no one needed to tell me, but I knew that I had been holding some unforgiveness towards a person. Something that had happened many years ago before.

SID: God said, "If you would follow these steps, you would be healed. Today, are you convinced that if anyone follows these steps, they will be healed?

BRIAN: Absolutely.

SID: Well, when the Holy Spirit pointed out there was unforgiveness and a particular person, what'd you do about it?

BRIAN: In my mind, I tried to rationalize. I said, "Lord, that was a long time ago. I wouldn't even know their phone number now." In just like that, this phone number just dropped into my spirit. I thought to myself, "That almost sounds like the right number. I know that's the right area code. I knew at that moment, I had to make things right. I reached over to the phone, and I picked up the phone and I dialed that number. When the person answered, it was the person that I needed to talk to. I laid in bed just feeling God's peace. Then hours later, a nurse would come into the room and she said, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, your kidneys are working." Well, see, my kidneys had been shut down for a number of days.

It was a confirmation to me that as I would do the steps that the Lord gave me, that he would manifest his healing power.

SID: Give me an example of a second step the Lord gave you.

BRIAN: Immediately, I said, "Lord, what's the second step?" He reminded me that I had been working for the last year and I hadn't been tithing. I remember that in Malachi, it says that if you bring the tithes and offerings, that God will rebuke the devourer. God will beat the devourer. I said, "It's one thing for me to rebuke, but it's another God to rebuke the devourer." I told my parents, I said, "Listen, I need you to go into my bank account, take out this amount of money and give it to the church."That was the second step. The third step the Lord showed me was Proverbs 4:20, where it says, "My son, attend to my words, incline thine ear to my sayings, that my words are life and health and healing, and medicine to all of your flesh." I began to take all the scripture verses and we papered all the walls of the hospital room. I would begin to say those scriptures out loud because life and death are in the power of the tongue. "I will not die, but I will live. I will declare the works of the Lord."

SID: How many times would you say you said the scriptures? Some people think, "Well, I'll just say it once." How many times did you say it?

BRIAN: Well, at first, I began to just say, Psalm 116:17, "I will live and not die, declare the works of the Lord." Psalm 103, "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul. Forget not all his benefits. He forgives all my inequities, heals all my diseases." At first, I would just say them a few times a day, but my mother stood over me and she said, "No, this is not enough. We need to keep speaking the word of God because life and death are in the power of the tongue."Well, another step we did is I spoke to the cancer. I commanded the cancer to leave my body. I commanded the cancer to die and I said, "Cancer, you cannot take my life. I command all cancer to die in Jesus’ name."

SID: You are, you're in the death ward. You've got hours to live, you're commanding the cancer, but what did you do about fear? You had to be covered with...

BRIAN: Yes. For the first 10 days, I remember I was tormented by fear. It seems like at midnight, when those fearful thoughts would come, I said, "I cannot stand here and just not do something about it. I remember reaching behind me, and turning on the light and I began to read the scriptures over again."No, I will live and not die and declare the words of the Lord." I began to take authority over fear. I say, "Fear, I resist you in Jesus' name. "God has not given me a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind." I had to defeat fear before I defeated cancer. Here we were going on offense, as a family. During this window of time, I actually began to get better. The doctors were shocked by it because they had just admitted me to keep me comfortable for the last few days. I began to improve. The doctors noticed that. The doctor told me, he said, "We need to have a CAT scan. We need to see where this cancer is." One afternoon, I was taken to get a cat scan. Then at six o'clock that night, the doctor walked in my room, he was shaking. He says, "Brian," he said, "I went to see the radiologist. He called me." He said, "This young man, I thought I would see cancer. I have checked him from head to toe, a number of times. There's absolutely no cancer. No evidence of disease in his body."

SID: After they gave you the NED, “no evidence of disease,” from an incurable disease in the dying ward, 13th floor, their dying ward [of the] hospital, tell me what the doctor suggested.

BRIAN: Of course, our family was ecstatic when we heard the report. The doctor came to us and said, "Well now, don't get too happy now because you don't understand the nature of this disease. This disease might look like it's gone now, but it will always come back."

SID: Always come back? They're not giving you much hope, are they? You have an inch and they take a mile.

BRIAN: They recommended that I go through this protocol of chemotherapy. Seven drugs. They said, "We believe it would be the best thing for you to do.

Brian Wills was one day away from fulfilling the dream of a lifetime...

SID: This was an experimental drug.

BRIAN: It was, it was.

SID: Give me a brief description. How sick were you from this medicine?

BRIAN: That medicine made me very sick. This is one of the most aggressive drugs to treat an aggressive cancer. I lost all my hair. I lost weight. The drugs made me nauseous, with a compromised immune system. All of a sudden my body began to take on different types of other situations. At one point I had an infection that lasts for three weeks. In fact, I was 104, 105 degree fever.

SID: Some of these steps that God told you to follow, and he told you something about the power of laughter.

BRIAN: Yes. The Bible says that laughter doeth good like a medicine, and that the joy of the Lord is their strength. My father would bring in a joke book. We would tell jokes. There's a spiritual force of joy. I remember one time I was getting sick from all the medication and I actually fell into the floor. My feet were still under the covers, but I was laying in the floor and I was getting sick.I just began to laugh, and we go, "Ha-ha. It may look like you have me now, but you just wait. Because when I come out of this hospital, I'm going to go around the world and preach the gospel. I'm going to give you two black eyes. You're going to regret that you ever attacked me with cancer."

SID: Tell me about the pitcher in your hand.

BRIAN: The vision I saw was two pitchers of water. One pitcher was a smaller picture of dirty, muddy water. The other one was a much larger pitcher of a crystal clear water and he said to me, "Your body is like this smaller pitcher of water. It's been racked with disease. You've been going through this situation. The larger pitcher represents my word. If you'll take the larger pitcher and pour it into the smaller pitcher, just like the law of displacement, it's the washing of the water of the word. It will dispel all the sickness, all the disease that's in your body."

SID: You were faithful on what you could do. He was following the steps that God said to follow and he would be healed. When were you released?

BRIAN: I was released in actually August of that year. They told me at that time, if I went six months without any problems that they would consider me healed and cancer-free.

SID: Brian is the only survivor from the 13th floor, but that's not at all. Another miracle, even greater was about to be revealed, next.

SID: Now, when this program is over, we have a special extended segment with Brian. He is going to pray for healing and the release of your miracle. I don't want you to miss this life-changing moment. Just log onto our website. After this program ends to watch this special ministry time with Brian, the presence of God is so strong. I am believing anything would be possible. Brian, after your six months, you went for a follow-up and you got this, it was the shock of, that you're alive. What did the doctor tell you?

BRIAN: I went for my six-month checkup. As I was getting ready to leave, the doctor stopped me and he said, "I need to tell you something. This hospital, the doctors here are baffled at your story. Number one, you were healed from cancer, and there is no medical explanation for it. The drugs that we had given to you during these protocols, after experimenting with them, we realized they don't even treat this disease, not only that they're so lethal that everyone that we've given these drugs to has died, except for you."

SID: Not only did everyone die that had these experimental drugs, everyone at that point that had his type of leukemia died. It was like a quadruple miracle. I keep hearing. You're released, you're free, you're a whole, you're grateful, and you're off to do your career. He wanted to be a professional tennis player. What did you do?

BRIAN: I left months later to go and pursue that dream of playing tennis. During the time I was pursuing that, my priorities changed. I remember what it was like to be sick, to be back in the hospital. I said, "There's too many people today that are sick and they're dying, and yet God had given me the antidote." It was my dream to do that. One day the Lord spoke to me and said, "Son, I want you to know that I have my dream for you and my dream will be far better and far more satisfying."It was at that point in my life that I said, "Lord and I had promised the Lord, if he would heal me that I would do whatever he wanted me to do." It was since that time, I set out to find that dream and find that purpose that God has given me. After I was healed, I began to share my testimony. Then my wife and I went to Bible school. Then since that time, we have started to open up many healing schools and healing rooms in different locations.

SID: Your passion is to stop, that's what you said to me, stop people from dying before their time. That is your heart's desire. Now, there are people watching us right now. They got a report from the doctor and the doctor said, "You'll die without this surgery. You're going to die. You have cancer, you have leukemia, you have heart trouble, you have diabetes. They just got this negative report. Tell that person right now what to do. What would the first thing they should do?

BRIAN: Well, that might be man's report. If you're watching this program, I'm saying that is man's report, but that is not God's report. I can tell you that what God did in my life, he will also do in your life. If God can raise me off of a deathbed, if God could take an incurable cancer that I had and dissolve it and remove it, raise me up, and give me new life again. I want to encourage you today that we serve the same God. The God who healed me will also heal you. He's no respecter of persons. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. What God did in my life, he will do in yours. I want to pray for those of you that are watching. As you're watching this, I just want you to just lift up your hands and receive your healing. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for every single person who's watching. Lord, right now we release the healing power of God to flow into their bodies. Lord, today we cancel the enemy's assignment. We could command all disease, all infirmity to leave their bodies. Lord right now, I thank you for a complete and total healing. We thank you today, Lord, for ministering life and peace in your healing power to their bodies today, right now, in Jesus name.

SID: Now Brian, had a visitation from an angel. He was told that miracles would happen every time he shares his testimony. Brian is more than ready to pray for you and release miracles during this special extended segment. That same angel is on this set right now and will help him in this extended segment. Go right now to to join us

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