Brandon Esser Story

Brandon Esser

I Heard the Audible Voice of God

My name is Brandon Esser, evangelist, teacher and aspiring writer. My purpose is to empower a fatherless generation to walk with their God given identities and purposes.

So they can live compelled by love and freed from fear. Now, the Lord has me working on my first book and gospel crusade!

After three years of praying, and words from the Lord, mom and dad were able to have my two brothers and me. However, I was diagnosed with certain diseases that not only had a serious effect on my physical body, but was an open door to humor for the kids I grew up with. These issues, along with the teasing, drove me to the point at age eleven when I decided to end my life. So, when I got home from school one day to “take care of myself,” little did I know that my God would put my oldest brother, Justin, in my path. After a short time of entering the house, my brother introduced me to the tangible love of God the Father where suicide and depression immediately vanished from my heart.

Following that encounter with the Lord, I never knew a relationship with Jesus was my purpose. I never read, prayed, or spent time alone with Him and I watched my brother fall away from his relationship with Jesus as well. I quickly lost my love for Him and pursued popularity, relationships as well as radically hooked on pornography. It was a spiraling road that took everything out of me. But, because God is so relentless in His love, during a friend’s funeral, I heard the same sweet voice that captured my heart 6 years prior in my brother’s bedroom. That was the tipping point which caught my attention all over again. So, at the age of 17, I began the journey of re-surrendering my life back to Jesus. Later that year, He not only gave me a second chance that my life forever changed, He also gave me a glimpse of why He put me on this earth.

At that time, I was the first one in my family truly saved and consecrated to Jesus. The rejection from my family was too overwhelming to bear, so I started to pray. After three months of my encounter with Jesus, heaven was flooded with my tears and words of desperation to save my family. They had to taste what had so radically transformed my life. It didn’t take too long for Him to respond, but it wasn’t how I expected. I heard His voice aloud saying “Your family will not only be saved, but they’ll fall in love with Jesus.” My Bible and that promise gave me a foundation to stand on during the craziest ten years of my life, or any I’ve heard of for that matter. Finally, at the age of twenty-seven, my King Jesus let me baptize my middle brother. He was the last one of my entire family to taste the real presence of God and give his life to Jesus.

Even though someone laid hands on me at a church conference to be filled with the Holy Spirit, nothing happened to me at that moment. But, I still believed! It wasn't until a week after the conference, when Jesus would lead me to pray secretly for people in my bedroom, that He would begin to let me feel what these people were feeling. Tears began to flood my eyes, and when English words couldn’t match the desperation I was feeling in my heart, another language rushed out of my mouth - the gift of Tongues! It scared me to the point of leaving my bedroom to get my mind off of what had just happened. But that desperation wouldn’t leave me, so I quickly returned to my bedroom to try and continue in English. Nothing else would come out except for this unknown language. In that moment, I knew the Holy Spirit had filled me personally, and it has been like that ever since!

Apart from college degrees, my life in the ministry began in 2010 after Jesus had completely set me free from pornography and healed me from all diseases. I was trained and fathered by some of today’s greatest leaders from all parts of America to the southern countries of Africa. The Holy Spirit has taken me to over 6 countries in the past two years, some multiple times, where we not only preach the gospel but live among the poor and destitute. Joyfully, we watch every person we come in contact with, come alive in God’s presence. From the meetings to the streets, not only are people healed both in body and soul, but they were filled with the presence of God’s glory and abound in love. Many who taste that glory for the first time are forever saturated in the dew of Heaven and continue to seek His presence on a daily basis. In our meetings, we consistently see men and women transformed by the glory of God, when those who have never tasted what heaven is like become obsessed with who He is. Recently, a young lady who was drowning in fear and failure was met face to face with this love. It was a beautiful sight to watch every wall in her heart that was built over the last twenty years crumbled in a moment. Now, she is a missionary soon to be married and drastically impacting families in the poorest region of Port-Au-Prince. But the best part is that she now knows who she is and who God is!

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