Bradsley Rumble Story

Bradsley Rumble

Bradsley Rumble Story - Rapping the Gospel

My name is Bradsley Rumble, and I would like to tell you my story. I thank the Lord for not only knowing me before I was birthed (Jeremiah 1:5), but also knowing exactly where and when to place me within this earthly timeline.


Growing up in a Pentecostal household, church lifestyle and Jesus were heavily ingrained within me as a child. Prayer meetings on Mondays, bible studies on Wednesdays, and oftentimes church service Friday through Sunday; wherever my parents went, I went. But as I developed into my teenage years, my desires to taste and see the things of this world groaned from within me. I slowly began to find my identity within a love for playing the saxophone in middle school, but due to me not actually owning one, I could no longer experience band entering high school.

With no other forms of expression, poetry became that outlet. I set the advice given by my peers at the highest standard, because that is where I sought my acceptance. They encouraged me to convert from poetry to hip hop, and from there I began writing and rapping about a fabricated lifestyle. Little did I know I was speaking those things into existence over my life. The lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life soon laid hold of me. I began to engage my community with songs filled with a boastful ego, lust, and short bursts of violence. All of this came crashing to a halt when I encountered the Lord, or should I say when he encountered me.

I remember I was 17 and working at Old Navy, with sights set on going to college for Music Engineering. The last thing that was on my mind (if at all) was the Lord. I was manning the registers by myself, and I can remember folding some clothes. As I stood near the window, I could feel the vibrant warmth creeping over my body. Closing my eyes momentarily to embrace the soothing warmth, I opened my eyes and to my surprise, every person in the store was frozen in time. I thought to myself, “I didn’t drink today, I didn’t smoke today…am I going crazy?” With all things frozen in time, the warmth felt from the sunlight was the only element noticeable. Just as quickly as the warmth increased, I heard an audible voice in my left ear speak, “This is what my love feels like.” And with the snap of a finger, time began again. I had just encountered the Lord, and it scared me. With reckless abandon, I began pursuing the Lord out of fear of not entering the Kingdom of God. Soon after He began to shift my entire paradigm of who He was.

He wasn’t this tyrant who desired and expected a perfectionist. He revealed his heart to be a gentle king who just wanted to sit on the throne of my heart and transform it. I had so long thought that Christianity was serving a God who expected you to do all these routine things. Go to church, go to bible study, works, works, works. My perception was all wrong. He led me into an intimate relationship, where my desires were transformed to do things not for him, but with him.

Since that beautiful day, he has encountered me numerous times in various ways, and led me to recapture what the enemy had tried to use for evil-rap. I now engage hip hop and rap with the Kingdom of Christ, reaching those who are bound in the bondage of their environment. He has fully redeemed me, and has also given me a heart to see youth redeemed as well. I am currently fellowshipping alongside Holy Smoke Hangout, a place welcoming to young teenagers and young adults who come to hear the gospel in a creative and inviting way. My encouragement to you is to ask the Lord to transform your paradigm of how you view Him. Allow Him to shape your views, and be conformed to His truths.

I participated in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America’s National Convention, and I had the pleasure of working with Tommy Kodel and Douglas Raine on June 24, 2015, in downtown Grapevine, Texas. We ministered in the marketplace at businesses and people on the sidewalks. Mr. Raine would introduce us, and Tommy and I would rap our testimony. After our presentation of the Gospel, we invited them to pray to receive Jesus Christ.

I will be leaving on July 25, for a mission trip to Kenya and Uganda. Please pray for our team.

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