Bob Bignold Story

At the age of 43 years I was the average American business man, working to make my Seattle architecture business a success.

I attended church occasionally, more out of habit than anything else. After all, it was good for my children to learn proper moral values. Up to that time I had had no personal knowledge of spiritual things.

"Certainly there must be a God," I thought, but I didn't have the slightest idea of how to contact Him. I did know, though, that if God rewarded people because they were good, I was in trouble. Someday, I reasoned, I would start living a better life. Thinking about such things made me uncomfortable so I tried to keep my mind on other things.

One day I noticed a book entitled, "Power and Praise," which had been left on the living room table by my mother-in-law! The book was written by Merlin Carothers, a Lt. Colonel in the United States army. Thinking it was just another success motivation book, I picked it up and began to read. Something the author said hit me right between the eyes.

He stated that many church-going people think of God's gift of eternal life as a ten-cent gift, thinking that it means simply going to church on Sunday, staying away from things that might be fun, and puttling their hard earned money into the offering plate. Well, that was certainly what it looked like to me! As I continued to read, I learned that the Bible says that if you ask Him, God will come into your life and make you a new person.  Faith began to build inside of me. This continued until I came to the point of asking Jesus to come into my life.

Seven months later, while reading that same book, I learned about another free gift from God which is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. One evening in the living room of my home I knelt down to ask Jesus to fill me with His Holy Spirit. As I sat quietly before the Lord some strange words began to bubble up from my spirit. Hesitantly, I spoke them, and then they flowed out, filling me with a new joy. Soon my wife, Barbara, also received this gift of the Holy Spirit. Within several months our daughters, Kristine and Christina, and our youngest son, Timothy, had accepted Jesus as their Lord.


God is faithful!

After receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I had a tremendous hunger for the things of God. I was reading the Bible and Christian books continuously. As far as my wife, Barbara, and I knew, besides the fellow who had written that book, we were the only ones who had ever had this type of experience. As we read books, searching for others who'd experienced it, we kept seeing references to the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. We found a chapter in our area of Seattle and began to attend. What exciting meetings they were! Men would share how God had healed their bodies, helped them in their businesses, healed their marriages, etc. We could hardly wait for the next month's meetings. These meetings inspired faith in us. They brought us into relationships with good teachers of the Word of God, and they taught us how to apply our faith to the everyday situations of life. It was wonderful!

Becoming quite involved with this organization, holding various offices, I began to participate in their so-called “airlifts.” This is a group trip to a nation. The Seattle Chapter President Don Ostrum would plant seeds and say every meeting “How many people have a suitcase? How many people have a passport? Well get one.” Then he would pass out passport applications.  Our Seattle chapter would send out between seventy-five and one hundred people a year on airlifts to the nations.

As a result of Don's enthusiasm the Seattle Chapter helped start the Fellowship in the UK and Europe, Central America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

One night in British Columbia, when I was speaking at a meeting, the glory of God was so strong that everyone I prayed with fell to the floor. After that the same anointing seemed to stay with me as I ministered in other meetings.

In the fall of 1984, the Spirit of God began to speak to me about taking an airlift to the Orient to start chapters for the Fellowship. It took two years and seven trips before the first Japanese men would step forward to help start chapters.

About that time a well-known speaker came to our Pacific Northwest Men's Camp and made a statement that was to dramatically change my life. He said that Jesus had told him, "If My people would only worship Me, they could have whatever they asked." As he taught on the importance of worshipping God, I devoured it as a thirsty deer pants for water.

Several weeks later I covenanted that I would rise each morning to worship the Lord. I would worship Him for who He is, thank Him for the things He has done for me, and pray for the things He has set in my heart.

There has never been a morning since that day in 1986 that I haven't gotten out of bed to pray and worship Him. Nothing else has changed my life like this time I spend with Jesus. It has brought is quiet confidence into my spirit, and a deep unshakeable faith. It has made me slower to speak, slower to judge. So often now, as I seek God in the early hours of the morning, He will speak a scripture or a word of direction to me, and comfort me in the affairs of life.

It was only a year or so after I began to worship God in my private time that I had that experience in the Hiroshima ballroom. Now I know why the anointing began to be manifested nearly everywhere I went. It was because Jesus is the Anointed One. As I spent time with Him, to worship Him and pray, His anointing seemed to come on me in a stronger way. It seemed like more people with whom I prayed were healed and delivered.

If you will make it your habit to spend time with Jesus, getting to know Him better, you will find it easier to trust Him and, as with me, the Holy Spirit will begin to manifest the gifts of the Spirit through you to heal the sick and set the captives free!

Bob and his wife, Barbara, live in Renton, Washington. They have 4 children, Michael, Kristine, Christina and Timothy: Bob is the National President of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America since 2006.

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