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Bob BehrmanBob Behrman: We're all friends, we're all buddy, and we’re saved by the blood of the lamb.

   So, I just want to start off with Psalm 34, not the whole thing. "I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; Let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. This poor man called, and the Lord heard; to save him out of all his troubles." Praise God.

   Thank the Lord. Of course, David is the author of this, but I apply it to me, too.

   I was walking in darkness at one time. Now, my story is going to go back to a long time ago, Vietnam. I'm not going to get into details about Vietnam, but it was there that I had spectacular things happen. As I look back, now realize it. I mean, I was in mortar attacks, mortars hitting us and you want to see how low you can get to the ground? Get in the mortar attack. Well, that was amazing. I didn't get a scratch. I was in ambushes, people firing at me, a friendly fire had a helicopter to come and shoot missiles and we watched in Red Bulls coming at us, like what is going on? Fortunately, the pilot was a bad shot; the missiles went right over us.

   I was in a punji stick trap, those are little holes in the ground, they cover up with mud and you step in it and you fall down and at the bottom of this hole is a spike. It's meant to go through your foot, through your calf, and infect you. I've gone in those things and those spikes just went off to the side. It's just amazing. As I look back at it.

   Now, a particular incident happened and I can't go into details about it, I just don't have the time. But in this incident, I thought it was all that, I mean there are 5 of us surrounded by a battalion of Viet Cong and they were closing in and we could hear the voices approaching us and there was no way out, and we just knew that was it. From my perspective, it was all done and we were going to die in that rice paddy right there. I called out on the Lord. I said, "Lord if you get me out of this, I'll serve you." Well, amazingly and I will go into the details at this time. We got out of it, it was an impossible situation, but we actually got out of it.

   I think of the passage where people run the trances and Peter is in a trance and the angel let him out of prison. That's about what I felt like, that we were kind of in a trance and we were led to go this direction and then another direction and we're out of the noose. Well, the point of this thing is, I'm going to call out on the Lord. He was going to save him.

   Well, it didn't take long, a couple of days later. Did I serve him? No! I had no idea what to do. How do you serve the Lord? I have no idea. I mean, I didn't have the Spirit of Christ to me at that time. So, I just wonder about my regular ways, got out of the service, went to college at night, work during the day, got married, started a family, did the things that a lot of us have done.

   That was August 1965 as far as that Vietnam incident. Ten years later, August 1975. The Lord came knocking on my door so to speak, metaphorically. He had somebody, I knew as a teenager gives me his testimony. This man, he was a policeman now. This man told me that he's been suffering from depression anxiety, all kinds of mental and emotional problems and he didn't know what to do and it was so bad that he went to his sergeant and said look, "I think I'm going to shoot somebody. You really have to take my gun away" back in those days, they didn't understand Mental health issues and what did the sergeant do? Just take a couple of days off? It'll be all right. Well, the way this helps explains it to me.

   You know, when you get frightened? Your adrenaline jumps? Well, he said that's how it was, except that he didn't come back down. He was in this high state of anxiety, 24/7. It was it was awful. He had no idea what to do about it and what he did is he had a neighbor; a neighbor came over and told him about Jesus Christ. And so, this fellow's telling me about "What is neighbor talking?" "Oh, you need to be born again." "Born again? What's that?" I mean, I guess I heard the term but didn't even understand it.

   You have to be born again. You have to receive Jesus Christ. He will forgive you of your sins. You will make the slate clean. They'll do marvelous things. He was sent there by the father to die for our sins, in accordance with the scriptures, he died. He was crucified. He died. He was buried and He rose again on the 3rd day. So, you need to believe this, everyone needs to believe this. We need to believe in God. So, you know, I thought, you know, I believe that I've always believed that because I was in a denomination that had that foundation. So, what was going on here, how come he was hot, and I was not? I couldn't understand that.

   And he proceeded with his testimony and in the discussion; he talked about the Gospel of John. We'll have a lot of answers for you and the really top off the evening when he was sharing this with me. He said you know that anxiety I was telling you about? It was depression. Well, I found in the scripture and so I don't mess it up. Let me see if I could just get it.

   Matthew 11:28. He found out. It said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." He said he grabbed a hold of that verse and something amazing happened. He was immediately delivered from the depression and all that anxiety. Just like that.

   Well, I'll tell you that. I left his house. I was reeling; I had no idea what hit me. I mean, I heard them, but I still had to take this in, try to grasp it. I didn't know... Did God really do this? I mean, is this psychological? Maybe you're psychosomatic? I don't know. It's just was so puzzling because it hit me.

So, I was new to this. So, I go home and I think about it and I think, "I know, I'm going to go read this Gospel of John he was telling me about and try to figure this out, and then maybe I'll have some more insight." And I'm thinking more insight to tell them why it was anything but God that did this, right? Dummy!

   In the dark, when you're in the dark, when you're a heathen, you don't know any better. So, I open up the Gospel of John chapter 1. Yeah, in the beginning, was the word and the word was with God, and then like, I don't even know if I got through the end of the chapter. I thought, "What? People believe this?! It sounded like a fairy tale to me! It sounded so profound." I couldn't even grasp, man. I mean, I could read it like literature poetry but I saw there was a profoundness in here and I knew it was much more to it and, and it was confusing.

   Well, a week later is so, I heard that Billy Graham was on what it was a who say, it's on the TV and I have watched Billy Graham crusades before, I liked what he had to say. I didn't understand it, but I liked what he had to say. So, I knew at the end they always had a call for prayer, always had a call for people being saved. So, I tuned in my living room and I waited, I heard the sermon, and I waited for him to call for that prayer and I kneeled down on my knees and I was so far out of it. I had to ask God. "God, if you are real, please show me. I want this, I want this. Please forgive me of my sins. Come into my life, be the Lord of my life." Kind of asking what I heard about, not understanding what might have happened, what may happen.

   So that night, no bells and whistles, no lightning strikes, went to bed and that was it for a couple of days. About a couple of days, maybe it was a week later I decided to read the Gospel of John again, just in case, you know, maybe I can read it, and force myself to read it. Well, I opened it up and I started reading and I was shocked, I actually knew what I was talking about! I believed it now I'm reading as a believer!

   I had the Spirit of Christ now. Wow, it made sense! I just couldn't get enough of it, I mean, I just ran through the Bible. I thirsted for the way that God and I just change upside. My life just turned upside down, it was incredible. Now, I was a Believer, now the Spirit of Christ rested in me. Glory to God. Now, that is something to shout about and I was shouting about this. It was awesome.

   So, you do this and I'm so thirsty for the word. I don't get a Bible, but I have to face the world. I have to go to work and at lunchtime, I had to read the Bible but I knew my friends were going to be wondering what's going on? And sure enough, I didn't take a look. Here's how nervous I was about it. I bought a Bible and I wrapped it up in a brown paper bag like you do school books. I didn't want anybody to notice because I didn't know much about what happened? And I wanted to learn before anybody found out?

   Well, that didn't last. Less about 3 minutes. "Hey, what are you reading? Bob? What a Bible?" I mean, they couldn't back away fast enough and the rest is history, you know, you gravitate to the ones who are born again, who saved by the blood of the lamb and the ones who don't want it, they scatter. So, that is the essence of my testimony but I did want to say this.

   I wanted to say that some of the things that really, really, I found important was we walk by faith, not by feelings. We're all going to have down days, up days but it's by faith, the faith in the Word of God. God does not lie and we have to grasp that.

   And also, and this is just wonderful to me. We're separated from the penalty of sin. The wage of sins is death.

   We're separated from the penalty of sin and we also are separated from the power of sin. Wow. That's why I couldn't serve the Lord way back there in Vietnam. I didn't have the power. I mean, I was not separated from the power of sin. And so, when you're a heathen, you just do what the heathens do, you do what comes naturally to you. And someday, I'll be separated. All of us will be separated from the presence of sin and that just so, so comforts me.

Dick McBain: Well, no, now. Now, when did you get baptized in the Holy Spirit, Bob?

    Oh, I always heard about being baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. So, we knew of little church in another town where people were talking about how they were getting baptized in the Holy Spirit. I said, well, I want it. I don't know what it is, but I want it. And so, I went down to the church with some friends and he, the pastor talked about being baptized in the Holy Spirit and receiving power from up above when I get online there and they took me in the room and they laid hands on me. He's kind of like nervous, kind of shy about it. And I left the church without speaking in tongues, but when I got in the car and I started going down the road, then it hit me. All of a sudden, I'm speaking in tongues and I'm just really into it. I was praising the Lord and having a good time. The spirit of God was on me.

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