Bill Patch


My name is Bill Patch and I live in Ocean City, Maryland. I have a degree in English from Towson University and served in the US Army Reserve. My first major employment opportunity was when I joined the sales force for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

I was saved totally by the grace of God. In the 1970’s, I lived the wild life of partying. But after a few years of this it got old and I began to wonder if there was more to life. The Christian denomination I grew up in never talked about being born-again and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

So when the Beatles started following a guru, I tried this and it got old too. Then I entered into the happiest time of my life. I became an ocean lifeguard in Ocean City, Maryland and also had a very passionate love of surfing. I had a great girlfriend too who was really cute. At the height of being “high on life,” I still found that something was missing. Two of my girlfriend’s surfer brothers got saved, so I went to the meetings they were attending and concluded it wasn’t for me.

I had been delivered from the Lamb of God Community, a shepherding movement, but would have panic attacks when I tried to go to church. This was a common response for those who experienced the doctrine of the nicolaitans. During this time of healing, I was drawn to the charismatic movement. After about a year, I had nothing to do one night and decided to go to the meeting again. I was attending a “Life in the Spirit seminar.”After it ended, hundreds of people were standing around and talking. I became irritable and turned to the guy next to me who was my age and said in an angry way, “What is this? Why is everyone so happy?” He didn’t say a word and then the Holy Spirit covered me. It was like liquid love falling from the ceiling. A Messianic Jew and a born-again Christian laid hands on me and prayed. That night I was born-again. As I drove to my home in Towson, Maryland, I parked in front of our apartment. I tried to mimic the sounds that I had heard from those two men. But while sitting in my car the Holy Spirit took control, and a beautiful heavenly language poured out my mouth. My life was changed forever – Praise the Lord! Jesus is my Savior and my Lord. My name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life – HalleluYAH!

I felt a call to lead worship and use my musical talents. I attended a Pentecostal Southern Baptist Church in Baltimore County. The church members asked my cousin, “Are all Southern Baptist Churches charismatic?” He replied, “No,” but enjoyed the freedom of the Spirit.

During my quiet time, God added to my spiritual gifts. I was able to use these gifts to build the Kingdom of God? I enjoyed ministering to college students through music during the summer.

I remember sitting in the waiting room and talking with a lady who asked for prayer for her son while I was waiting to see my aunt that was dying of cancer. I stopped to pray for the young man who was unconscious dying from aids and then joined my cousin to pray for his mother.

While watching the beach, there were many times that God showed me who needed immediate help. Keeping track of swimmers when they were caught in riptides or undertows was challenging. Many times I needed divine intervention to rescue swimmers from drowning. God was constantly with me.

God has surrounded me with prayer warriors and accountability partners. I have learned to seek God for the large and small decisions. I have witnessed many divine healings, miracles, salvations, and Spirit and water baptisms. I enjoy being used by God to build His Kingdom.


Bill Patch is pictured with Ocean City, MD lifeguards


Bill's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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