Bill Keith


Hugo Chan:  We would like to welcome Bill Keith from Business Men's Fellowship, USA. Bill has gone through many trials recently, and is here to share his story.

 Bill Keith:  Thank you Hugo and hello to everybody. I am from California.  My name is Bill Keith.  I've been in the restaurant business for forty-eight years. The past year and a half has been the most challenging time in my business career in the food and hospitality industry.  During this COVID season, there were so many people searching for help, and looking for solutions to their problems. I've lost three loved ones during this year and a half, actually. During the past six months, I've lost two of my brothers and a sister that have gone to be with the Lord.

At the age of eleven years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior but instead of running to Him, I ran from Him when I really needed to know Him better. So many people today could find solutions to their problems by accepting Jesus and receiving peace in the midst of storms.  You see, when I grew up in New Jersey, I grew up in a very dysfunctional family.  My father physically and mentally abused my mother and myself for years.  My dad was an alcoholic.  He was also a gambler, and bad at that.  We never had anything in our home.  He was a very angry man and he was definitely tormented mentally.  Instead of looking for help, he just passed that torment on to us.  You see, my father was teaching me as a young boy to take on his negative lifestyle. 

I thought it was a good thing when my father moved out of our home when I was thirteen years old.  But that is when I started to hang out on the streets.  I was quickly influenced by some really bad men who got me involved in a very nefarious, bad lifestyle.  I was learning all their wickedness and their criminal ways in which to support my life.  At the age of nineteen, I moved to California to get away from their influence, but I also continued to run from God.  I am thankful that several years later, two men who loved God very much and were faithful to the teachings that they read in the Bible came to visit me at my home.  They saw how much my life was out of control, and they knew how they could help me to become a better person. 

So they invited me to this businessmen's banquet.  They knew that the special speaker there would share how God could help me fix my terrible lifestyle.  The speaker's name was Joe Donato.  Joe Donato was an ex-Mafia boss in Chicago.  They used that lure of Joe being the speaker to get my attention and it worked.  I accepted their invitation and to just show a little bit about how bad of a person or what type of lifestyle or the way that I was thinking was I went to this meeting to hear a man talk about the bad things that he got involved with, the darkness of the Mafia, to hear about the blood and the guts that he saw as a man, but instead of hearing all these dark things of Joe's life, I heard how much God loved him and how the Holy Spirit helped him get out of the mafia and how Joe changed his life for the better.  When Joe got finished speaking, I went up to him and I said, "Joe, I need what you have found in your life."  He asked me, "What do you think that is, Bill?"  And I said, "You kept talking about the Holy Spirit and I believe I need the Holy Spirit to help me to change my life."  Joe said, "It's very simple.  Just raise your hands and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit," he said.  "Ask Him to fill you with all that He has for you, and you'll see that He'll change your life."  I did what Joe told me to do.

The next morning when I woke up, it was obvious that God began to work in my life.  I had a real desire, a burning desire in my heart, to know God better.  I couldn't find someone quick enough to help teach me the Bible and to learn how much God loves me.  I had a real desire to read the Bible, but I had a very great problem - I had a very severe case of dyslexia.  I couldn't read.  My wife bought me a new Bible.  It was the Living Translation, and when I opened it up, I read my first sentence ever and could comprehend what I read.  The next day, I read a paragraph and so forth.  I became a very good reader.  I actually went to Bible college years later and I got straight A's, which was a miracle in itself.  Another miracle that God used in my life, right after the Businessmen's banquet was the men invited me to come back to that meeting, and they became close to me.  They became mentors to me.  They began to teach me how to be a loving husband, how to be a good father, how to be an honest businessman, to be a caring person.  I soon became a member of Business Men's Fellowship (BMF) - USA and that group of men taught me how to find out more about God and how God could help me with the problems that I'm faced with.  I'll end with this miracle that was very dear to my heart.  When I was forty years old, about twelve years or so after I joined this group, my father, who was seventy-eight, came back into my life and that's when God used me to share how Jesus could help him, how he could become a nicer person.  My dad asked Jesus Christ into his heart and we, as a family, got to see the miracle of a life-changing God.  My father became a good person.  He lived for two more years.  My grandchildren got to see a loving grandfather.  That was a real miracle that was dear to my heart.  I know Jesus will do the same for anybody that's hearing this story.  Just ask Him to come into your heart.  Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior, and like I did, ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you with all that He has for you.  Today, more than ever, we need to see God move in our lives, in business and around the world.  God is our answer.  He is there to help us.  Let me encourage you to bow your head and open your heart and ask Him for the help.

I know this is just a season that we, as a family, are going through.  This COVID season, for many, has been very challenging but again, our help comes from God.  Turn to Him.  God bless you.

 Hugo:  Amen.  Thank you, Bill.  God bless you with good health and God bless you all.

Bill:  HalleluYah.

Hugo:  Thank the Lord that He came to restore all things that had been lost, identity, relationships, marriage, and family.

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