Bernard Burreson Story

My parents were very poor, and we had very little in our house. At 6 years old, I gave my heart to Jesus.

There was no money in our house to go to college and so I wondered why to even bother with school. However, I wanted to go into electronics. So I looked into the area of electronics and I found I could get an education in the military. No one took me aside and said, “Bernie, it’ll help you in a career if you learn the basics now.” I also found myself wanting to sin like all the other kids, and I did. Well, I joined the Naval Air in my junior year and graduated from high school (fifth from the bottom of a class of 650).  I was then sent to electronics school.

Later, I got married, and my wife and I decided to go to a church. Through family, we ended up in a spiritually very cold church. It was easy to live a double life there, one worldly, and one fake Christian.

Fifteen years passed, and one day volunteers were needed to teach Sunday school. I was a totally Bible dumb sinner, yet I said yes. I was supposed to teach a class. Uh-Oh, where is my Bible? I eventually found it, and sat down in my living room chair and started reading the word of God for myself. All of a sudden, a chill went through me as I realized that I had slowly turned my back on the Lord from my childhood days, and I was now dead to Jesus. Should I die, I was going to the lake of fire.
I got down on my hands and knees and I said, “Jesus, please forgive me. Wash me with Your blood and come back into my life. Thank You.” I found myself back in the chair knowing that I had just been saved, purified, and I was now His child.

It has been almost fifteen years now since we started a Bible study at work. God had seriously transformed me. Now my hunger for Him and His Word was an overwhelming and driving force in my life. I needed to know God. A few weeks later I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, and that opened the door to a flood of God’s gifts.

The Bible study started with two other male engineers and myself, all fairly new to His Word.  Soon, it grew when we found another Bible study of all women on a different campus, and joined forces.

Towards the end of our first joint meeting a man came that was on his way for an operation. He told us that one of his kidneys was dead, and the other was half dead, and that he needed an operation immediately. He had heard that we were having the meeting and came for prayer. After most of the people had left, two remaining ladies and I decided to pray for the man again. As soon as we started, God moved on us and we all instantly began to pray in tongues. I had never met these two ladies before; therefore I was quite surprised that others at my work place also prayed in tongues.

At 5:00 pm that afternoon, God spoke to one of the ladies.  He told her what the doctors would find, and she wrote it down. The next morning this lady got a telephone call from the man’s wife. The exact message from God was repeated to her by his wife. Upon hearing this, she got up and ran down the halls of our company yelling “God is great! God is a healer! God loves us…” Around and around she ran. At this time, the company had over 1500 employees, so she created quite a stir.

This was the beginning of seeing God’s power move in our company as well as in our personal lives in mighty ways. Every week we had testimony after testimony of what God had done that previous week. All our prayers were answered. We saw cancer healed, finances grow, families healed, the dead raised, very serious engineering problems answered, … and the list goes on.

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