Ben Wilde Story

My name is Ben Wilde from Lakeville, Minnesota. I grew up in church, but wasn’t living for God. I lived a double life.

One side was all about looking good and doing the right things around my family and at church. But the other side when I was with my friends, I did everything I wanted. So most of my life was spent doing what felt good regardless of what God thought. I would state that I knew God, but I didn’t know Him at all. I just knew about Him, but He was not real to me, so I didn’t care.


But attitude radically changed. Here is what happened – I encountered the love of God while in the midst of worship. I realized that God really was real and that He cared about my life, and I had a real experience to prove that. I felt His genuine love for me. It was an amazing experience. I said to myself “I want to live for God.” So I began to live for Him! I surrounded myself with believers and people to encourage me in my faith, and I grew and grew and grew. I became very passionate for God and for what He wanted me to do for my life. He baptized me in the Holy Spirit and fire and filled me with many gifts of the spirit. Now I constantly hunger for God. I cannot survive without having more of Him every day. Going deep in my relationship with Jesus has caused me to explode with life and has completely transformed my life.

I am finishing up my electrical engineering degree at the University of Minnesota. I am also the founder of the 24/7 House of Prayer on campus. I am seeing lives transformed all around me. I am also a worship leader, and God is using me to raise up other singers, musicians and worship leaders. I knew that as long as I was obedient to His voice and running after Him, that He would show me the path of life, and would give me the fullness of joy in His presence (Psalm 16:11). My number one desire is just to love God by being with Him, and that is His desire for you (John 17:24).

Ben led worship for our “Fire Team Outreach” to Mexico in March. Heaven came to earth and we were clothed for battle.


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