Barrister Favour Victory


   My name is Favour Victory. I was born into a nominal Christian family where we were encouraged to attend church services.

   I religiously obeyed my parents by attending church services regularly and participating in many church ceremonies without actually living the life of Christ as a Christian.

   As a young man growing up, I had two ambitions and they are (1) to be an attorney; (2) to be a millionaire. These two ambitions became the focus of my life without any reference to God or looking at God to help me achieve these ambitions and I loved social life a lot, going to parties night clubs, disco parties and anything social, was my hobby.

   Because I love night parties, in one of those activities I went with one of my cousins to attend a night party. On our way to the night party I fell out of a moving car when it was turning at a corner. The door of the car suddenly opened and I fell out and luckily for me the back tire of the car did not crush me to death or injured me. I didn’t see the hand of God in it. I stood up and entered the car and continued my journey.

   Another incident of near death was some year’s back I visited one of my elder brothers who lived in Kano, one of the cities in Nigeria. I went with one of my cousins to watch a soccer tournament between Nigeria and Brazil, after the match, late in the night as we were coming back to my brother’s house we fell into the hand of the Muslim security guards who threatened our lives and God spared our lives and I still did not see God in it.

   I continued living my life outside Christ and as a result got involved in all kinds of social life ranging from worldly songs, strong drinks, and social clubs partying and womanizing. This I continued until I got admission to study law in the university were the social life moved to a higher dimension with no abatement. So my first ambition to be an attorney was fulfilled.

   Though I look gentle and even religious but I did not give Jesus a significant role in my life why because in my high school one of the subjects I studied was Bible knowledge which I had a good grade and with my religious background I felt I knew the Bible very well and there is no need to give my life to Jesus or be Born Again. Even when I attended Reinhard Bonnke crusade I did not surrender my life to Jesus.

   Shortly thereafter my Aunty gave me a book written by T. L. Osborne titled “How to have the Good life.” The title of the book deceived me because I saw it not relating to Christianity and because I desired to be a millionaire I read the book and enjoyed it because it was talking about prosperity. God in his infinite wisdom and mercy released grace to me after reading the book I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Later I joined the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International Nigeria where I made a public declaration of my faith by accepting Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior that was in April 1993.

   My life after my Salvation experience started in the same year 1993. I worked with a multinational company as their legal Adviser and when the job stopped I was thrown not only into the labor market, I also entered into my wilderness experience where for a period of 10 years I suffered unemployment, lack, poverty, shame, reproach and was even despised by relations and friends due to my faith in Christ. With my certificate, I had no job, with my certificate I had no money, the second ambition to be a millionaire became a mirage to me but Jesus was my only source of strength then.

   Because of my faith in Jesus I refused to be moved by the storms around me but wholly depended upon God. He took over my life and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me through storms of life what I called my wilderness experience.

   As God remembered Noah, God also remembered me and gave me a job that lasted for 31/2 years in a legal firm. Whenthat job stopped, I kept my hope in God and He gave me the grace to miraculously own my legal firm and today I have two law offices in Nigeria. Apart from God helping me to start my legal practice, he also announced me before my clients and there was “God Factor” in my practice. Because of “God factor” I was able to do my business with integrity, transparency and these made most of my clients to hand over their estates to manage for them. My legal practice received great patronage to the extent that I received an award as one of the best attorney within the area of my practice. The God factor in my business had severally helped me to win cases and give me direction how to overcome challenges. This is a practice I have skill and knowledge but the propelling factor behind my success is that “God factor”.In my legal practice I have also seen Spiritual attacks against me and my business but in all of them God delivered me.

   I turned our courtrooms to my pulpit where I share voice magazines of the FGBMFI. Anytime lawyers see me in Court they are the ones now asking for copies of voice magazines. Several times God had given me privilege to pray and lead people to Christ in my office. There was this lawyer I carried in my car towards the end of 2019, I preached to him and he gave his life to Jesus in my car and was crying when he realized how God loves him so much.

   After establishing my legal practice, God brought me into another business wherein I did not have any formal training, skill or certificate but God gave me wisdom to manage this business and God also provided the clientele for it, a multinational company in Nigeria and my firm have done business with this company for a period of 14 years and we are still doing business with them.Testimonies abound in this business because I saw the hand of God sustaining us. I have depended fully on God with transparency, integrity and God factor has played a significant role in this business.

   Also the enemy stirred up attacks in this business and one of the things the enemy did was to raise a competitor in this business, who was then more experienced and skilled to pull us out from my client, because I depended upon God, the competitor was removed by my client and transferred the competitor’s allocation to my firm thereby increasing my firm area of coverage and increase in revenue .God used this business to elevate me and my family financially and I have acquired properties and equipment etc.That we are still in this business is nothing but God’s sustenance.The Bible said those that trust in their God shall be like Mount Zion that cannot be removed but abided forever: Psalm 125:1

   When I thought God is done with me he brought me and my wife into another business and we established another company formally managed by my wife, the company is into oil and gas industry services.This company services several multinational companies in Nigeria and had been in existence for almost ten years.

   It is also a company solely depending upon God’s wisdom to run and the testimonies from this business are mind blowing that there may not be enough space to write it here. But one of those testimonies is that some years back we imported ultrasonic equipment and asked the company to send the equipment to our contact in US. The equipment did not arrive to the place of designation in US before our contact person left the house to the airport for his departure back to Nigeria.

   When our contact person got to the airport he was informed that his flight has been cancelled and rescheduled the following day. As he went back to the house, the equipment arrived and he came back to Nigeria with the equipment. God had to cancel a US international flight for our sake even when my wife and I werenot a passenger or paid for the flight.

   God had given us other streams of income of which we are very grateful to Him. My second ambition was also fulfilled by God.To Him be the Glory.

   Apart from finances, God had helped me spiritually. I am a National Director of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International Nigeria for the past 11 years. I am also a National Chairman of the Airlifts committee to US/Canada, Regional coordinator for MPO South Region, holding other position at district level. I have ministered in both within and outside Nigeria, in churches, fellowships, conventions, outreaches and community outreaches. I have seen several healings, deliverances, salvations, prophetic declarations manifesting in my ministry for the past 25 years in Christian leadership.

   God had also helped me to write four books of which three books are published and two of the books can be purchased through Amazon: “The Market Place Apostle, The Light of the World”. AND “WHO IS THIS JESUS,” the latest publication.

   God also blessed me with a wonderful rare gem as a wife, Mrs. Gloria Ngozi Victory, who indeed is a blessing to me, my family and her generation. We are blessed with three lovely children, Praise Divine, Rejoice and Triumph.

   Health wise God had been so faithful. Before I gave my life to Jesus, every other month I often fall sick but now God had healed me and stopped that ritual circle of sickness. Since I gave my life to Jesus I have never slept in a hospital, my wife except period of delivery of our children never slept in the hospital, the same with our children, God had been faithful healing us whenever we fall sick.

   I also manage a non-denominational organization for God; this organization for the past 11 years had been involved with soul winning through bus evangelism or urban and rural outreaches. God uses us to run local outreaches/crusades in different communities .We have been involved in free medical outreaches in some communities.

   We have ministered goods to the widows and the needy. We have supported different Christian organization and churches involved in soul winning.It have been an all-round blessings and privilege to serve him. God did not only bless us, He made us a blessing to our generation.

   As God moved me from lack to Good success helping me to achieve my life ambition with joy I hereby urge you to kindly surrender your life to Jesus and you shall enjoy a new and a better kind of life.

   I return all Glory and adoration to God who cannot fail.

   I can be reached through my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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