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    The secret of happiness isn’t hard to find - says the author of the book, “There must be more to life than this” by Dr. Barrie Lawrence.

   While I was training at the London Hospital, a medical student said to me, almost in casual conversation, “Jesus has changed my life.”

  “What?” I thought. “You poor lad. You’re training to be a doctor, but really you need to go and see one!” 

   But strangely, a few weeks later someone else said their life had been changed by Jesus - then another and another.  They were medical students, a trainee nurse, a trainee physiotherapist, and so on.

   Now I realize today there are seasons when God reaches out to us, and He was certainly reaching out to me then. So forgive me for saying that He may just be reaching out to you as you read this story? 

   As a student, I started seeking the truth, because surely these people couldn’t all be so mistaken?  I questioned them, then started reading parts of the Bible, and sent up the occasional prayer such as: “Are you there?”

   After a couple of months, I realized that the God of the Bible was probably real. This surprised me, but shouldn’t have done since Jesus had said that those who honestly seek the truth will find it, I felt I had now ‘arrived’, but after a month, I realized that I hadn’t really responded to that truth.  So, alone in my study, in the early hours, in October 1965 (I used to study into the early hours), I knelt down and gave my life to the Lord Jesus. I thanked Him for dying in my place on the Cross and asked forgiveness for my sin. I also asked Him to help me live for Him.

   The next morning, I felt quite different.  Now I appreciate that this isn’t everyone’s experience, but it was for me. In essence, I felt changed, renewed, and clean, with a sense of the presence of God with me and a fulfillment in living. Can I add here that if he did it for me, He can do it for you!

    Two years later, I was reading in the New Testament about the early Christians in the Book of Acts, and I saw how courageous and dynamic they were. It was said that they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and “they turned the world upside down.” 

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   But my life in comparison seemed so shallow and powerless. They were filled with the Holy Spirit, who empowered them to live effectively for Jesus Christ, even working miracles.

   I asked God to baptize me with the same Holy Spirit, I would ask Him for this power, nothing happened and in the end, I gave up asking until I read in the Bible that God has clearly promised to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.  (Editor’s note: the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was the promise of Jesus to his followers to empower them to be effective Christians. This was the experience of the disciples at Pentecost and is available for every believer today.) 

   That Bible promise rekindled my own desire and I took Him at His word - and it happened: one night I lay for a long time in the awesome presence of God, and I got up a changed person.

   For example, after I was empowered by the Holy Spirit, I was able to pray for people with health problems.  Many people were healed after we laid hands on them, just as the Bible promised.

   Was life after that a bed of roses? Not at all!  There was a time when I found myself in a domestic crisis, through my own fault, and I drifted a million miles from God, or so it felt. But God intervened and brought me back to Himself.    

   Today, my wonderful wife Wendy and I serve God together. I hope that will encourage anyone reading this story that God.

   Can do the same for him or her. There are those who will read this personal story who knows they, too, have wandered away from God, and maybe feel they can never get back to him. Remember - “If he did it for me, he can do it for you!”     

   Although I am now retired, I have had two strings to my bow during my days of employment. I was a Christian bookseller and a dental surgeon, so I told people that I was a man who sold holy books and who filled holey teeth!

   I have written two books about the various things that the Lord has done in my life - including physical healing.  Living in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most wonderful adventure.  

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