Augustin Jorquez Story

AugustinThis is my "hope story" for those who feel like there is no hope; those discouraged by the temporary circumstances surrounding your life; those who desire to be encouraged in the faith.

I needed God to intervene in my life in order for me to beat the odds of abuse, suicide, poverty, and imprisonment. As a young boy, I had dangling long black hair down to my chin. I looked strange at times as my hair would hang past my shoulders while my stature was thin for height and age. I was proud of my Native American Apache/Yaqui heritage. I was constantly reminded by my elders to "never forget who you are". But who was I? I had this Hollywood stereotype of a Father I never met. I imagined him to be like Burt Lancaster from the movie "Fort Apache" or a wild Apache renegade. Yes, while playing "cowboys and Indians" I was always the Indian and no the cowboys did not always win. I made sure of that. Living from one place to another surrounded by anger, resentment, and shame this grew within my heart. Something was hurting but I was too young to know how to express those feelings. I accepted the feelings of self-worthlessness and rage as part of normal life. 


When I was eight or nine, my mom decided to move the family from Phoenix, Arizona to San Jose, California on a greyhound bus. Everything we owned was packed into a few pieces of luggage. While staying in a homeless shelter, I attended a church with one of the ladies. She brought me to a Church where they spoke a funny language when they prayed. Also, everyone came to the altar and knelt down crying. I went to the altar and knelt down for no apparent reason. The lady, who invited me to the service, asked if I wanted to pray with her. After church she took me back to the shelter and anxiously helped my Mom pack, gather the kids, and take the next bus back to Phoenix. Later, I was told the shelter administrator was planning to place my family in an orphanage deeming my mother as unfit. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that nice lady that kept my family together.

While in eighth grade, I had the opportunity to accept Jesus into my life. I became radically transformed, set free from drugs, alcohol, and shame. I preached in parks, barrios, government housing projects, walking down the boulevards late at night, testifying of Gods power to save to the uttermost. At a young age I led many to the Lord who later became Pastors and Bible Teachers. My former Pastor allowed me to preach sermons from time to time. My whole family was saved and baptized.

At seventeen, an Art Director and well known Native American businessman/artist mentored me in fine art sales and the jewelry business. At that time I had great aspirations to initiate a gold and diamond start-up business. I managed to create a business proposal, recruit artisans, and secure financial underwriters. However, God had a different plan and purpose for me.

While living in the beautiful, scenic white mountains of an Apache reservation I found myself being nudged to moving to Oakland, California. I moved there with two pieces of luggage and $100 in my pocket, knowing this is where God was leading me. While in Oakland, I discovered my calling. I created several traveling ministries and became a traveling evangelist throughout the Northwest, ministering on Reservations. I was featured on television, pioneered a university on-campus ministry, and initiated Native American non-profits. This lead to me hosting a Native American Leadership and Christian Education Summit. As doors continued to open, the Lord brought me before legislators, tribal leaders, and business leaders sharing the love of Gods endless grace and mercies.

Currently, I am ordained through the Assemblies of God and recognized Native American Missionary specializing in urban Indian communities, Native Church development, and Native missiology. I am married to a Godly woman (to her credit a former foreign missionary). My wife and I minister inter-tribally and frequently travel   ministering at reservations and conferences. We also Pastor a small Native colony in Hungry Valley, Nevada that consists of Paiute, Washoe, and Shoshone tribes. We live in Sparks, Nevada raising our daughter and two dogs. Ive been a member and supporter of FGBMFA for several years now.

In closing, I would like to say that God has a plan, purpose and promise for everyone through Jesus Christ who died and rose from the dead. May all turn the trail of tears into a journey of rejoicing!

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