Art Nersasian Story

  I was born in the Pentecostal movement and saw the miracles of God, wonderful healings, tongues and interpretations.

I saw the power of God manifested and knew what it was, yet I never had the desire to receive any of these gifts.

One year we were having a tent meeting revival in the Southern California area where I lived. I was only about eleven years old, but when I went to the altar to accept the Lord I knew something definite had happened to me. Each individual has to have that experience with the Lord. You can try to explain Jesus to someone and tell what it means to be saved, but you can never fully convey to another person the fullness or the depth of that experience. Each man must experience it for himself.

In high school I became involved in many other activities and gradually found that I was too busy to give as much time to the Lord as before. I've never been in what you might call deep sin, but still I had gotten farther and farther away from the Lord. I can't say it was the fault of the church or the ministry; it was my own fault, because I began to look at and want other things. I had everything materially that a fellow my age could want. I had a car when I was fifteen years old and in high school– something most of the other kids didn't have.  After graduation I worked for my father and drew good money, but it seemed the more money I had the more things there were to spend it for.

Then one day I met a girl.  We went together for a long time before I got up enough nerve to propose to her. We were married and in the years that followed God blessed our union with two children.
Then the Lord began to deal with my wife about her spiritual condition. She had been raised in a non-Christian home, but she had a praying grandmother who used to teach her scripture verses and talk to her about the Lord. Though she had gotten away from that early influence, now that yearning came again to her heart to be in closer touch with the Master. This hunger began to grow within her heart and she began to seek– and the Lord answered. He never turns a deaf ear to a seeking heart. She accepted the Savior and then went on to seek a deeper experience.

One night she wanted to go to some Gospel meeting in Maywood. It was raining and I wouldn't go, so she went by herself; she was hungry for more of God. That night she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. She came home and began to tell me about it but I wasn't too interested. Now, mind you, I knew what it was but felt that a deeper walk with the Lord might interfere with some of the things I wanted to do.

One day it suddenly dawned on me that something was amiss. I was supposed to be the Christian in this family. I was supposed to be the one to lead the family to the Lord, but my wife was closer to Him than I, and now  she was going on without me! I told the Lord that He just had to do something about it, yet I wouldn't completely surrender. There was still stuff to have and things to do. I had a business that was doing well, had an airplane, cars, trucks– almost everything a man might want– but I didn't have that desire, or willingness, to let Jesus rule over my life.

After a while the business began to slow down. The Lord was trying to teach me, and I was being foolishly perverse. I was asking Him to help me, but when He would reach out His hand I'd pull back.  How could the Lord help me if I wouldn't let Him? My business continued to go from bad to worse until I was almost at the point of bankruptcy.

In the midst of all this I had an experience that made me know without a doubt that God loved me. One day while working I began to get a headache such as I had never had before. By noon the pain was so bad I actually wept, and my vision and entire system was affected. I went home. My wife took one look at me and knew something was wrong. I went straight into the bedroom and fell across the bed exclaiming, "I'm sick! Call the doctor. Do something!"

She said, “Let’s pray."
I exclaimed, "I need a doctor! I don't need to pray!"
Nevertheless she put her arm around me and said just one word: "Jesus!"
Instantly I knew God had touched me. It was as though He had said, "My son, I love you. Won't you let me help you?"

A man cannot doubt such an experience, yet I was still not quite ready to surrender. The business continued to deteriorate until one day, realizing I was at the end of the road; I went home, threw myself across the bed and wept like a baby. I told the Lord He could  have everything I owned. That if He didn't  want me in that business, then to please take it away because I was now willing to accept anything He had for me. I really meant it; I couldn't resist my loving heavenly Father any longer.

From that moment things began to change. It was as though God turned my whole life around. He reached down and turned my business around, and things began to improve and to multiply until He had given me back three times what I had lost.

l never returned to that old stiff­ necked trail again. Every time thoughts of doing something else came, l recalled that day that God touched me and lifted that terrible burden from me.

I began to go to the Full Gospel Business Men's meetings. At first it seemed that all I heard about was the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Every testimony, every evangelist, every layman seemed to be pointing it at me. The desire began to grow to have this experience; and it continued to grow until it overshadowed everything else. I simply had to know God in this new dimension.

It was at a Long Beach Rally Day that God poured His glory into my soul and waves of joy overflowed. It was like standing in the ocean with one wave after another washing over me.

Walking with Him in the Spirit has been joy unspeakable and full of glory. My wife and I serve in the Los Angeles Chapter and at the weekly Saturday breakfast meetings, and love it. Our dedication is to just do all we possibly can, and leave the impossible to God.

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