Andrew Cannon

Andrew CannonCrazy ups and downs


   Andrew Cannon tells how he found a new life after business failures and severe depression.

   I was born and raised in .1 Liverpool. My story is one of business success, alcohol, cocaine and a near death situation. I left school, like any other kid, with the desire to take on the world, but in reality I didn't have the ability to tackle a sink full of dishes!

    After school I went straight into employment for five years in a screen printing factory. Then the opportunity for more cash came up working for a construction company. I quickly got to grips with my new job and soon launched out on my own supplying skilled labor to contractors. This meant that my income increased dramatically. I found myself finishing work on a Friday and heading straight to the pub every night, with weekend binges as well.

   In the year 2000 I did something crazy that I thought I would never do; I took cocaine. For the next ten years my life got worse and worse. I spent £1,000 a month on drugs. Despite this, I continued to manage my business. I felt as though I had lost grip on normality, but hid that behind even more drinking and drugs.

   In this spiral of destruction my business collapsed. One day I couldn't take anymore. I drank a bottle of vodka and stuck an 8-inch knife in my chest. I survived, but my mother was later told my organs had deteriorated like a man twice my age. If I didn't stop drinking, I probably had three weeks to live. But still I didn't stop!

   In January 2010, I was a broken and lost man, so I moved into a Christian rehab. On my third day there, I was told Jesus loved me and He could set me free. So I cried out, "Jesus, if you are real, come and save me." Instantly I physically felt the hands of God touch the front and back of my head. I started to shake and could feel things dropping off me.

   Then I started to pray in a heavenly language I had never heard - and I came back to my senses. I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and in His fire, my addictions were removed instantly and I was given a brand new life.

   I met my wife Jenny in church. She had been a follower of Jesus all her life, a fiery lady and such a blessing from God.

   Within a couple of months, by the kindness of God, I started a job at Jaguar Cars and was given one of the best jobs in the factory. I regularly shared my faith with hundreds of people, which gave me such joy. The guys would sometimes make fun of me in a kindly way, but would often approach me later to ask for prayer. I worked there for seven years and really enjoyed it.

   I now live `by faith' preaching the Gospel full-time worldwide as an Evangelist and count it a privilege to serve Him.