Adam Smith

Adam Smith   I was born and raised in a ghetto in York, PA, and was first introduced to the Lord, when the Red Lion Baptist Church came into the ghetto to get us for church services. At age seven or eight, was the first time I felt a burning of hope and love from Jesus in my heart. I was abused as a kid, and became rebellious when I felt that Jesus was disappointed in me and didn’t protect me. I fell into drugs and alcohol, and began a life of dark rebellion.

   After my second count of armed robbery, I was sent to a drug treatment center at the age of fourteen. I was there for two years learning how to manipulate the system at a high level.

   All along this journey, Jesus would come into my heart, even in my dark state. He would encourage me to not give up. I was heavy into drugs and got married at age twenty, in order to save our baby from an abortion. On a drug and alcohol binge, the powers of darkness visited me and literally tried to end my life. As this unfolded, I yelled out the name of Jesus and the event was over.

   That was the last time I ever did cocaine. Soon after that near experience with death, I joined AA for about five years and the Spirit of God began to stir longings in me.  I finally went back to church, found the same hope and love in Jesus that I experienced as a child. The prodigal son was welcomed home and I’ve been serving the Lord ever since.