Adam Burruss

Adam Burruss

God Never Left Me

Adam Burruss

Hello, my name is Adam Burruss. I am 22 years old. I have been blessed to be able to write lyrics, poetry, and rap. I started working for a plastics manufacture, and I am learning the business from the bottom up. However, my major calling in life is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I was raised by a single mother with major health problems. My father left my three sisters and me when I was three years old because of a major crack addiction problem. He was gone my entire childhood.  We grew up in a house that should have been condemned. We were very poor. It seemed our house was robbed every other week. The police were often at the door looking for people and drugs. I was raised to be a drug addict, a criminal, and a gang member.

At the age of five years old I had a tumor in my ear. I remember being in constant agony. Blood and ooze would constantly rush out of my ears. The doctor's told my mother they needed to perform surgery, in order to remove the tumor. But, there could be complications, such as, part of my left side of my body could be paralyzed which could leave me looking like I had a severe stroke for the rest of my life. My mother then brought me to a church called Mineral Heights Baptist Church. There I was anointed with oil, and the power of Jesus Christ completely healed me from the tumor. I went to the doctor shortly afterwards. They examined me and said, “The tumor was gone! It must be a miracle.”

The following Sunday Brother Brand Strand explained to me the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I knew that God had healed me. The pain was gone. I knew God loved me and I believed in Jesus Christ. I asked forgiveness for my sins and I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart.

Shortly after I was saved a big quarrel broke out in the church. At that moment it seemed my life began to become harder. From the age of six to ten, I was a very troubled young man. Doctors diagnosed me with “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” and Bipolar disorder. I was suffering from a spiritual problem that society tried to medicate. They had me on strong medications. I was a walking zombie.

Kids picked on me in school because of the embarrassing side effects of the mediation. I was a very troubled little boy. I often felt like a lab rat, and found myself at the mercy of psychologist and psychiatrist. They were treating me for anger management. They were treating me at the “Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR) agency.”All the kids made fun of me. I was ostracized by my peer group. My loneliness and sorrow began to turn into uncontrollable anger. Eventually I got older and really started giving into peer pressure.

I looked up to older people that were in the streets. By the age of nine I was introduced to marijuana and alcohol. My life seemed miserable and hopeless as a child. I would often hold knives to my wrist and throat. I was crying out to God, as I wanted to take my own life. I was lost, scared, and neglected. I was trained by 357 Crips, a street gang from California, to be an evil doer and a violent person.

By the time I was thirteen, I was selling drugs. I ended up over dosing on OxyContin. I was rushed to the hospital. I had stopped breathing and died. They called this code blue. All of the sudden, I sat up in my hospital bed, and there were two ministers praying for me. The power of Jesus Christ had raised me from the dead. I prayed for salvation at the age of five. I was led to the Lord by Brother Brad Strand, and he was one of the ministers in the room when Jesus Christ raised me from the dead. God had a strong calling on my life.

I still struggled with identity. My life was like a roller coaster up and down. I was on and off of drugs. I was running around lost and confused. I was in and out of jail in my early adult life. Once again, I called on the name of Jesus while my body was shutting down from the all dope, and drugs. I was 18 years old; I hadn't slept or eaten for 3 to 4 days. I was at my last go around, and I knew I needed help. No one else could help me, except the God who created me - our Father in Heaven. I called upon the name on Jesus and rededicated my life to Jesus again. I said, “I'll do anything you want me to do. God just don't let me die here.” Almost instantly, I heard the voice of God reply, “I want you to go into the ministry your father did, and finish what he started.” Victory Life Ministries was the name of the place.

I went there for two years before my father passed away. He was on crack my whole life. I went into this ministry and began seeking God like never before. God completely healed my body and mind from the damage the drugs had done. About a month in the program I was on my knees crying out to God, and forgiving everyone that ever hurt me or my family. I had asked God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly as I was praying, I felt something indescribable come over me. It seemed like the whole room was shaking, and it felt like heaven was shaking along with it. I started speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit of God had over taken me. Within the next two days, I started preaching the Gospel on the streets. God started using me to reach one person or multitudes of people. I had become a radical warrior for Jesus Christ. I have been blessed even in the midst of tribulations and persecution. My God has been faithful. He has never left me and He has always kept me.

{POSITIVE EXPERIENCE} - Now that I have surrendered to Jesus. My life has been extremely blessed. God has placed me as the worship leader and the assistant pastor for New Life Greenville. I am currently on a professionally produced mixtape for meekness productions called “Throne Room Music.” I am rapping on the last verse on song number 12. I am on the album with my friend Stephen Crowe. On top of all that I have a great job at a factory called Graham Packaging. I have made some new friends. My mentors are Tommy Bates, Kevin Wallace, and my one on one personal mentor is Pastor Joshua Knight, who is also a spiritual father to me. Following him is Mrs. Cindy Knight who is a spiritual mother. We have seen many souls saved in our ministry. Within the last year about 500 souls have been saved at New Life Greenville. God is doing big things here in Greenville, Texas. I personally am all about reaching souls on the street for Jesus Christ. I often preach on the street and witness here locally in Greenville and several other cities.

I am currently engaged to Chelsea Smith of Greenville, Texas. She is a lovely gift from God. She is a strong Christian woman who also believes in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been beyond blessed physically and spiritually. Chelsea and I are getting married November 14, 2015, at New Life Greenville. I am super excited about how God is going to use us.

There are some spiritual gifts that God has given me; such as, speaking in tongues, (heavenly language), interpretation of tongues, the gift of exhortation (prophecy), and healing. When I lay my hands on people, they often receive the baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Adam Burruss with WifeI have been appointed and anointed as a teacher, evangelist, preacher, and prophet by God by the church. My life seems more and more intimate with God as time goes by. I have a heart for the lost and the broken. I have a passion to help orphans who have been abused. My main goal in life is to help others through ministry. Most importantly is to partner with my wife to reach souls for the kingdom of God. Through turning my life over to God completely, I have gained may more brothers and sisters. Even my biological family is turning to God. Many have been saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in new tongues. For this I give God the entire honor and the praise.

Adam and Chelsea are taking time out to plan their wedding.

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