Adair Rippy Story

As a heavy earth moving contractor, I've literally prayed D-8 bulldozer tracks back onto equipment after I discovered the power of prayer.

Most of the work of my company consists of building roads through the rugged mountains of Colorado. The heights of which one gets an unsurpassed view of the breath taking beauty of green valleys below.  The brisk, clean mountaintop air invigorates like the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit which is sweeping through denominational barriers in these last days.  I'm grateful to be a part of this end-time revival.

Such was not always the case. For sixteen years my Christian experience, like misaligned bulldozer tracks, was sidetracked as I lived away from the Lord.  I began life with an advantage, for my family heritage has been traced back into the thirteenth century and most of those ancestors were born again Christians.  Although I'm glad of this heritage, it could do nothing for me spiritually until, by my own will, I received Jesus Christ. This persona l encounter was made when I was fourteen years old.
I n 1947, I suffered a very personal tragedy involving men who claimed to be Christians. Instead of looking to the perfection of Christ, my eyes were on them, and their actions were my excuse for turning from God and the church

It wasn't until 1963 that I came back to the Lord because of another trial in my life. I then found peace with Him and began to grow spiritually through prayer and the Word.
When my father, brother and I ended our partnership in the construction business, I went out on my own.  I took God as my senior partner, guide and counselor and dedicated the business to Him. I'm only the manager; God is the proprietor. He taught me to pray about all things in or out of business, regardless of the size or the nature of the transaction. The Lord also taught me that He wanted me to tithe ten percent of my net earnings as well as my time. Most of all, God let me know that He was vitally interested in me as an individual.

I gave up alcohol and tobacco when I realized these habits were damaging to my testimony. God spoke to me and said "I want you to put me ahead of everything in your life. Ahead of family, friends and business."
That same year I moved my family to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and began to look for a church to attend. Our first  Sunday  we  chose   the  American Baptist Church where only sixteen people were in attendance in a rundown building. Although I was turned off by this, six weeks later we were back again with the assurance that this was the church God  wanted us to attend. The reason soon became evident, for these dear people knew nothing about the moving of the Holy Spirit. Although I had not yet received the baptism myself, it was evident that this would be a fertile field in which to minister.

For nine years I worked in the church diligently, yet very cautiously, sometimes imploring the Lord to release me to go where I could fellowship with those who had experienced  the deeper walk with the Spirit, but I was reminded of the  admonition in Exodus  14:13, "Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord."
On March 29, 1967, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Then, in 1972, our church got a Spirit-filled pastor! This was worth the long wait.
After receiving the Baptism, I went through a time of extreme testing.

Satan attacked my finances and soon bankruptcy seemed unavoidable. Early one morning I drove to the top of the 9,000 foot Gran d Mesa, to the only building project we had going at the time. As I reached my  destination,  my  two-way radio came on with an urgent message to call the  home office. When I called the bookkeeper said,  "We're down to $500.00 in our account and the bank has refused to advance any more money." He also advised it would be another three weeks before we received anymore estimated payments for work.
Sensing a need for solitude and prayer, I went into the wooded area of the mountain. I was a very troubled man. Pulling my little Testament from my pocket, I read John 6. My spirit was quickened as I read the account of how Jesus multiplied the two fish and the five loaves of bread, and the Holy Spirit revealed to my heart the simple truth, "It doesn't matter that you have only $500.00 in the bank. Dedicate it to me and I will bless and multiply it to supply all your needs."

Three days later I was in my home office when in walked a man who said, "I understand things aren't going so well. This may help until things pick up." The Great Mathematician had gone to work; the check was for $50,000.00 and supplied our needs until business returned to normal.

After my baptism, the Lord began to use me in new ways. A man who had been an employee of mine for twelve years had suffered greatly with his back because of slipped discs. During 1974 he had been off work for seven consecutive days. At 3:00 a.m. on the Fourth of July I was awakened and impressed that if I would go pray for this man, the Lord would heal him.

When I arrived at this man's home later that morning I could see that he was in much pain but he wished to show me some furniture he had just received from Mexico: straight-backed chairs perfect for our purpose! "Ron," I said, "the Lord told me if I would pray for you, He’d heal your back problem."
Even though he wasn't a Christian, he was quite willing. I had him sit in one of his new chairs with his hips firmly against the back, took both his heels in my hand, and compared the length of his legs. One was a half inch shorter than the other. I explained what God had told me, but before I could pray the leg lengthened to match the other. I said, "Ron, now they're both the same!"

"Yes, I know," he smiled, "I felt it go, and the pain has gone also."

I myself have been healed of ruptured discs in my back, arthritis (I was taking sixteen extra-strength pain killers every day to hold down the pain), and ulcers (from which I had suffered for twenty-five years). After the Lord healed me, an internal medicine physician gave me my tenth examination in as many years. It had always shown six scars in my stomach the size of quarters but now they could find no scars or trace of my ever having ulcers.

I enjoy and am grateful for the success of our business, but more fulfilling have been the spiritual roadways which have taken me from valleys of despair that I experienced as I attempted living without God in my life. More important than the worldly success have been these mountaintop roadways, for they have changed my eternal destiny as well as filling this life with real meaning, deep joy and peace.

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