# 1 Have you ever wandered who am I?, what’s my purpose? …and what’s my plan?

 # 2  Well, one solution to the question is developing a good plan which contains Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategy and Tactics. 


After the Franklin Graham Crusade in August 2009. I saw the flame of the Holy Spirit kindled in Saint Paul, MN which developed into a firestorm going north into Canada and south along the Mississippi. At Saint Louis, MO. the firestorm divided and went in three directions - west to the Pacific, east to the Atlantic, and south to the Gulf. A great cleansing was taking place as the Holy Spirit was consuming the people.

Ninety days ago on April 22, 2010 the Gulf was on fire when a British Petroleum oil rig exploded killing 11 people and spewing oil and gas into the Gulf. Was this related to the vision?

 In 2005 the Gulf Coast struggled with hurricane Katrina and now they faced a disaster in the Gulf. While praying with John Tolo in May 2010 for our June Fire Team Outreach, I saw 300 men kneeling on one knee on the west bank of the Mississippi at Saint Paul, MN. Each man was reaching into the river with his left hand to draw water to drink. They were looking straight ahead. In scripture we read about a man by the name of Gideon. Gideon had 32,000 Israelite men ready to battle the Midianite army. The Lord reduced the Israelite army to 300 men and they defeated the Midianite army with trumpets and torches. A spirit of confusion manifested in the Midianites and they killed each other. God got the victory.  The Lord has and had given us the men to spiritually take the land.


OUR MISSION is clear and the time to act is now. We have been anointed and commissioned to spread the message of hope. The land has been cleansed, purified and prepared.

OUR GOALS: Lead men to salvation in Jesus Christ and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, teach them to operate in the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and to communicate with the Father through prayer, and equip for spiritual warfare.

STRATEGY: “Fire Teams.” Men of integrity spreading the message of hope through their testimony.

TACTICS: Schedule meetings with business owners and employees: students and faculty: government agencies – local, state, and national; protection agencies – police, fire, transportation, and military.

 # 3 When developing the plan ….

Vision establishes responsibility    

Mission empowers authority   

Goals evaluate purpose   

Strategy executes the preparation  

Tactics emulate the plan

 # 4 Fulfilling the plan requires:

Vision which unifies teamwork   

Mission which fulfills the vision    

Goals which accomplish the mission   

Strategy which achieves the goals   and

Tactics which carry out the strategy

 # 5 The first part of the plan is Vision. The definition of Vision is the unveiling of something already there, not new. It is an inspiration, desire, direction and plan for your vocation or calling. It is the ability to see the invisible and to do the impossible. Foresight is added to insight based on hindsight. Vision is single sight. It masters one thing, not a jack of all trades. Vision must have a recipient. Vision has no time limit. It is an internal clear picture of preferred future.

 # 6 When describing the vision write it down, make it plain and share it with others who may want to join you or your team to help fulfill it   Habakkuk 2:2 says:  And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

 # 7 Vision has five elements: 

Cause – Why;  

History – What; 

Timing - When

Solution – How;  

and Teamwork – Who and Where

 # 8 Teamwork is unified by vision. The team consists of:

   Visionaries – who inspire

      Provisionaries – who supply

         Connectors – who activate

             Facilitators – who perform a task

                Recipients – who benefit & join the team

 # 9 Recipients who join the team are mentored and become future:




            Facilitators  ….  And the

               Multiplication continues

 # 10 And the multiplication continues on and on.

 # 11 Teamwork is unified with proper planning …  Planning is the Key

 As an example of planning unifying teamwork.  Recently a group from the Full Gospel Businessmen went to the Nation of Armenia. They developed a team of Armenian business men to take the Good News to their own country. The various tools utilized were planning and training sessions resulting in a new emphasis on Marketplace Evangelism in this strategic Middle Eastern nation.

 # 12 TESTIMONY: Rick worked for his brother in a small business. The relationship was good until Rick found peace with God. Friction began to develop between the brothers. Rick's brother missed the old Rick as he could relate with the old man. Now they were as difference as night and day. Rick was ready to buy out his brother or start a new business. Every property that Rick thought was a possibility and inquired on fell through. Rick asked God to show him what to do. Was he to go into a ministry? The answer was revealed while he was working…he saw the vision appear as you might see in a child’s etch-u-sketch.  The detailed drawing was of Rick’s workplace. God wanted him to stay right there. Rick knew in his heart that he would always be at his current workplace.  When Rick's brother became ill and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, prior to his death, he told Rick that he wanted him to buy the business.  Today at Rick's business, which became his pulpit, you will find the uplifting Christian music playing in the background while Rick prays with his customers to help comfort their needs and best of all leading them to salvation in Jesus Christ. This is one man's marketplace ministry. Rick is my barber.

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