Understanding Different Perspectives


Understanding Different Perspectives

Dear Friends,

As humans, we often see the same things in unique and different ways. And that's especially true at work. Here’s an example:

Dealing with Change

An Employee’s Perspective: Okay, I admit it. When it comes to change, one of my first thoughts tends to be: “I wish you’d make up your mind!” One day you want me to do this, the next day it’s that … and sometimes it’s both this and that on the same day.

A Manager’s Perspective: Maybe you see me as the instigator or “perpetrator” of change. If you do, to a degree you’re right. Sponsoring and supporting change is one of my responsibilities – and it’s an absolute necessity in order to keep our organization successful and protect our jobs. But besides being a source of change, I’m also a victim of it. And when it comes “rolling downhill,” I end up having to make as many adjustments as anyone else.

And you know what … they are both right. So what we need is a little more understanding and appreciation of both new points. And when that occurs, we all are able to work more successfully together.

Lead Well ... Lead Right, Douglas Raine – FGBT President