Timely Tips for Effective Communication

 Timely Tips for Effective Communication

Dear Friends,

For Leaders …

Don’t kill the messengers. If you want a healthy organization with open communication, it’s important that you reward people for keeping you in the loop. You want to encourage others to bring you bad news because you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Smart bosses like LOTS of information – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The more people are communicating well with you – and with one another – the more you can stay ahead of the curve.

For everyone …

Don’t gossip. Every organization has its informal communication network – often referred to as “the grapevine.” It can be very useful to listen in on the grapevine to find out what others are up to, but try your very best to refrain from putting information out there on the grapevine yourself. It can come back to haunt you – big time.

Don’t say anything you don’t want repeated. It doesn’t matter if you swear someone to secrecy – invariably they will think, “oh, it won’t hurt if I just tell my best friend,” and breach confidentiality. It’s just human nature. So before you share your thoughts, feelings, or sensitive information with others, just assume that it will be repeated sooner or later.

Live Inspired,