The Basics of Recognition


The Basics of Recognition

Dear Friends,

Some people call it “positive reinforcement.” Others, a “motivational strategy.” Still others label it “common courtesy” – a sign of appreciation. But most folks refer to it as “RECOGNITION.” And it’s one of the most powerful tools in every manager’s tool box. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

·         Remember that gimmicks, gadgets and giveaways can make your recognition efforts fun and memorable. But nothing (I mean NOTHING!) can replace the good, old-fashioned, sincere, look- ‘em-in-the-eye-and-say “thank you.”

·         Remember the “Platinum Rule”: Recognize others the way they want to be recognized. Don’t assume that others appreciate the same forms of praise that you do. Successful recognition is in the eye of the receiver, not the giver!

·         CELEBRATE SUCCESS! Consider closing meetings and training sessions with discussions about people who exhibit the positive behaviors your organization says are important. Who has recently delivered superior customer service? Who is a role model when it comes to teamwork? Who has made a valuable contribution that deserves our thanks? Ask these questions regularly. You’ll find more than enough positive examples!

·         You can increase the impact of your recognition by linking performance to "big picture” end states. Rather than just saying, “Wow, you really handled that well,” try something like: “What you did really enhanced our relationship with a very important client. I’m convinced she will do business with us again soon. And you’re a big reason for that.”

Lead Well … Lead Right,