Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers

 Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers


Turn constant complainers into productive contributors! Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace.

I.                   Complaining is a Disease and the culture of the complainer must be changed to contributors.

·         Negative complaint is a disease that can corrupt the mind. The more someone complains the more natural it is and the more cynical and jaded they become. In the end they see only the negativity in everything.

·         For a business to be successful it needs to be constantly moving forward, adapting to the times and always looking for ways to improve its service. If the workforce is pessimistic and sees no hope in the future then they will not only hamper productivity but also lack the creative and innovative spark needed to keep their company alive. Serial complainers will also knock down anybody that does have ideas and a vision for the future.

·         Negativity is Unhealthy - Not only does negativity affect the health of the workplace but it is also proven to have a detrimental effect on the health of the complainer. Positive people are typically healthier, live longer, are more successful and enjoy life more. They are also not averse to complaining either, but instead of using it to undermine they use it as a positive force for change.

II.                Now that we defined the effects of negative complaining, how can change this situation.

·         Leadership Tools - the most fruitful success strategy is to begin with leadership tools, including a vision or story of the future, cement the change in place with management tools, such as role definitions, measurement and control systems, and use the pure power tools of coercion and punishments as a last resort, when all else fails.

·         Inspiration – Vision, Storytelling, Persuasion, Conversations, Role Modeling

·         Information – Negotiation, Strategic-planning, Decision-making, Learning, Measurement systems, Role definition, Incentives, Training, Operating procedures

·         Intimidation

III.             Benefits

·         Boost morale

·         Increase productivity

·         Promote effective communication

·         Improve relationships

·         Increase confidence

IV.             Manage conversations with "venters," complainers, whiners, and energy drainers.