I’ve Always Been a Sucker for Attention!

 I’ve Always Been a Sucker for Attention!

Dear Friends,

The above quote comes from the noted actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. recognizing the importance of recognition for him and, let’s face it, for all of us!

Recognition is perhaps the highest return on investment activity a leader can exhibit because a little goes a long way. And, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Here are a few specific How-To Recognition Tips for your consideration:

  • ·         Make a list of all the people who work with or for you. Then go through your list and identify the last time you gave recognition to each person … and for what. You should remember your last praising of most of the people on the list. If not, you’re probably not doing it enough!


  • ·         Be specific! The more specific your recognition, the more impact it will have. Instead of merely saying, “Great job,” tell the person what it was about the job that was done so well. Example: “That was terrific work. You came in under budget, you completed the work six days ahead of schedule, and you had everyone working together as a team. I really appreciate your efforts and your results.” When you’re specific, the person knows exactly what behaviors to replicate in the future.


  • ·         Make it timely! Recognition loses impact with the passing of time. Receiving praise for something you did many months ago is not all that motivating and can feel contrived. A good rule of thumb: Give recognition as soon as possible after the positive behavior or performance.

 Lead Well ... Lead Right,