I HATE VIDEO EDITING - by J.Loren Norris

I HATE VIDEO EDITING - by J.Loren Norris



Maybe the better question to ask is why do I hate it?

After spending more than 20 hours this week “editing video” I have spent some serious time reflecting. I began to ask myself some deeper than surface questions and the answers intrigued me. I am confident the process will benefit you as well.

As I sat staring at the spinning lollipop on the screen I was just hoping for two minor miracles.

    The first miracle was that the system didn’t crash, time out or give me yet another memory warning.

    The second miracle was that I would not experience any of those things either. I find it easy to “lose my place”, lose focus, lose attention when I am deeply engaged and concentrating then - boom the “system has to catch up”.

It happens in MANY MANY areas of life. Leadership, relationships, communication, writing and even traffic. We become so focused on what we are doing, thinking or saying that we forget we have limited resources around us. Other people have focused concerns as well. Other people have needs which demand attention. Other people need us to pause for a moment while they mentally or emotionally catch up.

See the truth I have to admit is this. I actually enjoy video editing. I like the creative aspects. I find myself noticing and paying attention to other creator’s filters and colors and camera angles and sound applications.

What I don’t like is the demand of a process which requires a consistent methodology and large amounts of patience. Yes. I need to invest in faster and more robust editing equipment if I want to take my game to the next level. Yes. I need to spend more time elevating my skill level through diligent study and practice. Yes. I need to be mindful of all of the system and people demands around me as I am so laser focused on one task.

The same is true for you. If there is something you must do but you find frustrating ask yourself this: “Do I really hate this task or assignment or just the process? Do I need to be more disciplined and patient until the reward reveals itself?”