Hire Tough and Manage Easy

 Hire Tough and Manage Easy

Dear Friends,

The most expensive person you will ever hire or promote is the one that you end up having to fire. Here are some hire-tough selection tips for your consideration:

·         Draw a Line in The Dirtand stop hiring (and promoting) individuals who don’t clearly demonstrate their beliefs and behaviors regarding values such as integrity, respect, responsibility, etc. Don’t fall into the “belief trap” that you can train for these characteristics at some later date. It rarely happens!

·         Hire People for Who They Are. One of the biggest mistakes most employers make is to value previous experience above all else. In today’s rapidly changing world, however, experience is “how it used to be done.” Whenever possible hire people for traits like hard-working, good team players, integrity, etc. – rather than just the skills they’ve acquired from past experiences.

·         Hire and Promote for Tomorrow’s Job. Don’t just select someone for a position, hire and promote for the future. Jobs, technologies, and markets are changing faster than ever. Therefore you need to select people who are intelligent, quick learners, and adaptable to change.

·         Use Targeted Team Interviews. Have multiple interviewers each focus on evaluating different applicant factors and characteristics. Divvy up things like work history, technical skills, teamwork, enthusiasm, honesty, and ethics among the interviewer group.  Live Inspired,