In this seminar on EFFICIENCY we will suggest 39 steps that will help you manage your time.

Overview of Each Secret To The Making of a King: You Can Rise Above Your Circumstances



            1. Get Your Values Straight

            2. Develop Character, Not Ego

            3. Overcoming Fear

            4. Assess Your Situation

            5. Be Willing To Ask For and Receive Help

            6. Be Willing To Take a Risk

            7. Declare Yourself: Make Yourself Known

            8. Develop a Sense of Self-Worth

            9. Dare To Believe the Unbelievable

          10. Utilize the Power of Imagination

          11. Look for Signs of Success, Not Failure

          12. Let the Past Be the Past

          13. Exhaust Every Possibility

          14. See No Situation as Hopeless

          15. Find a Need and Fill It

          16. Meet the Needs of Others

          17. See Yourself as You Will Be

          18.  Don't Refuse To Start Up Just Because You Don't Yet Measure Up

          19. Don't Quit Because You Are Not Measuring Up

          20. Ride Above the Waters of the Commonplace

          21. Make Sure Those You "Flock" With Have the Right "Feathers"

          22. Ignore Detractors, Losers, and Critics

          23. Broaden Your World Through Knowledge and Experience

          24. Understand Responsibilities as Well as Privileges

          25.  Stand on Your Own Feet Whenever Possible

          26. Clear Out Debris and Excess Baggage

          27. Respect Time and Learn Timing

          28. View Problems as Opportunities and Springboards

          29. Move From Animal Reactions to Human Thinking

          30. Develop a Sense of Trust

          31. Self-Confidence Is Not Self-Dependence

          32. You Must Conquer or Be Conquered

          33. Right Attitudes + Right Facts= Success

          34. Adopt the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

          35. Handle Things in the Right Way

          36. Execute the Program

          37. Do What You Know To Do

          38. Expect Results in Proportion to Effort

          39. Preparation, Expectation, and Work Makes a "King"


Number 1: Get Your Values Straight