Change … Get With It!

 Change … Get With It!

Dear Friends,

Fact is, change is the key ingredient for organizational survival and individual success, so we all need to GET WITH IT! If an organization and its people are not willing to change how they do things, when they do them, and who does them, then their chances of survival are slim. Remember that today is not the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be different than today.

Here are a few considerations you and your team members can use to create a positive perception about change:

  • ·         FOCUS ON PAST RESULTS. Write down several benefits of change that you have experienced in the last year. Review your list periodically as a reminder of how change has been beneficial for you.


  • ·         When change is implemented, your attitude and demeanor will be a positive or negative influence to all of those around you. Every day give yourself an Attitude Check asking: “Am I open to considering the benefits of change? Am I imagining the worst outcome instead of the best outcome? Am I prepared to be a problem solver versus a problem finder?”


  • ·         DON’T LIVE IN THE PAST! You CANNOT turn the clock back, so move on. Encourage people to stop talking about how things “used to be,” and start talking about how things "are going to be.”

Lead Well ... Lead Right,