A Father’s Blessing Summary


A Father’s Blessing Summary


God wants us to impart His blessing to our children. Genesis 49:22-28 shows us four ways we can bless our children:

1.       To bless your children, help them interpret life in light of God's perspective.

             The lesson of fruitfulness

God wants His children to be fruitful. I believe that as American Christians, we wrongly encourage our kids to be successful, which is man-centered. We need to encourage them to be fruitful, which is God-centered.

             The lesson of strength

A second lesson is that our strength comes from the Lord, not from ourselves.

             The lesson of trials

       2. To bless your children, walk in personal reality with God.

There's nothing that turns kids away from the Lord more than to have a father who preaches religion but who does not truly walk with God.

       3. To bless your children, observe their strengths and point them out to them.

Jacob saw that Joseph's strength was his fruitfulness that came from trusting God through suffering.

             Know your child.

             Tell your children about their strengths and warn them of their weaknesses.

             Recognize the importance of a father's words.

       4. To bless your children, impart to them spiritual blessings above all else.