The 45th Empire State Mens Advance

The 45th Empire State Mens Advance 

Usually held at Christ The King Conference Center in Greenwich, New York
We managed to hold our conference Via Zoom on Saturday June 13th this year .
Hosted by Bud Lindner from the Albany New York area

We had participation from New York, Connecticut and Dallas, Texas.

VP Douglas Raine attended and shared some testimony and updates on the Fellowship.
There were lots of inspiring testimonies the kind you expect from Full Gospel Businessmen.
Then we touched on and practiced the Spiritual Discipline of Lectio Divina.
A daily practice of bible reading that opens the door for God to speak into our lives.
It was delightful to see how the same passage said something different to each person as he heard it.
It wasn't the same as being together but it was great to see the brothers and share the Word 
and share the Love of God.  The Spirit was alive and present and drew us together.

Many of us are getting together using Zoom and it has helped to keep us in fellowship during the pandemic.
It allows us to join local, regional and national events in the comfort of our homes, (many haven't ventured out of the home for a while).

We might consider more National meetings like the  ones Douglas Raine does on Thursdays
it cuts through the distance and the time changes and eliminates air fare and hotels.  And keeps men talking and ministering to men.

once again thanks for your participation.

Thanks and
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