Report from Sri Lanka

Report from Sri Lanka

December 5, 2016

We are in Colombo at Pastor L. A. Newton’s home now.  I will tell you the events from my last email.

On November 29 we had a ministry in a village about two hours drive away.  The traffic was SOLID all through Chennai!!  You couldn’t have put another bicycle in without having someone else move out.  I think our driver was an ex demolition derby driver.  If there was no space available on the street he simply drove off the road and passed several vehicles and then forced his way back into the solid traffic.  As with most of the drivers here, if there was a big truck in front of him, he would pull out to pass even if there was another forty ton truck coming directly toward him.  Then he would manage to pull back into the lane, just missing the oncoming truck.  I think they must grease the outside of the cars here.  Otherwise they could not squeeze between two huge trucks.  The good news is that we are saved, so no matter what happens we are prepared.  The road was so rough we were constantly being jarred so hard it hurt my spine.

The meeting was in a small rural church.  The people were very receptive and two came to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.  This has happened at almost every place where we have ministered.  Even in small churches that meet regularly, there are people who are ready to accept Jesus.

We were able to go out walking on November 30 however and we walked to the beach, which was about two and one half miles away.  It took us about an hour to walk there and we spent about an hour when we arrived.  The wind was very strong because of the Cyclone that was approaching.  However, it was mostly clear that day.  We really needed to walk and get some exercise.  The Indians here thought it was very strange that the two Americans wanted to walk and not take a motor rickshaw or cab.

That night we ate in the hotel restaurant as usual and I decided to try a meat dish.  The waiter pointed out a chicken item that he assured had ZERO hot spices in it.  When it arrived I took a small bite and it immediately burned my mouth and throat.  I told the waiter I couldn’t eat that but he said we couldn’t return it and still had to pay for it.  He did allow me to get a bowl of sweet corn chicken soup at no cost, however.  As we were getting ready to leave the waiter asked what we wanted to do with the spicy chicken and I told him to throw it away.  Then he suggested that we allow him to package it and give it to us to take out on the street and give it to someone just passing by!  We both told him that was not going to happen and left.  That was a first for both of us.

It has been raining almost every day since we arrived in Chennai.  A lot of this is from Cyclone Nada that passed south of us.  Last year on December 1 there was a cyclone that dumped about twelve inches on rain on Chennai.  The water was knee deep outside Pastor Arthur’s church.  There were many deaths and everything was shut down for about a week.  I am thankful that is not forecast for this one. 

We had a prayer meeting on December 1 in Arthur’s church.

We moved to Colombo on December 3.  On the way to the airport Pastor Arthur told us that the Indian government is allowing Hindus to place idols in Christian churches.  Then the Hindu priests demand that the churches allow the teaching of these idols in the churches and try to cast out the pastors.  The persecution against Christians is increasing daily here.  I wonder how we can get this information to our national leaders so they can put pressure on India to allow the peaceful presence of Christians to remain in the country.  At this rate all the churches will have to go underground very soon.  This is further proof of the end time prophecy.  We are in the season of the end of the age.  Just since we have been in the country this month the persecution has increased dramatically.  We will give more information on this after we return to America. 

We got to Colombo okay and had some delay getting our visas but met Pastor Newton.  It was so good to see him again.

On Sunday December 4 we ministered in Pastor Newton’s church starting at 8:30 AM.  The service lasted until almost 12 but it didn’t seem that long.  Colleen and I both had messages that really touched the people.  I have rarely seen people so attentive to messages as they were at that service.  Three people came to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.  This is yet another example of people coming to receive salvation in established churches.  The Lord is truly doing a new work through us on this trip.

After church Pastor Newton and Brother Susiri took us to a nice restaurant where Pastor Newton had arranged for a very good Chinese meal of rice, various vegetables and an assortment of seafood.  It was very good.  We all ate as much as we could but couldn’t quite finish everything.

In the afternoon Pastor Newton took us to a newly planted church in a village quite far away.  He had a complex set of directions telling him how to get there but even then he had to stop frequently to ask directions from people.  There were only about a dozen people in this new church but they were very enthusiastic about our messages and asked many questions afterward.  This doesn’t happen very often.  This is in a Roman Catholic area and all the people were converts from the Catholic Church.  I really believe this church will grow greatly in this next year.

We will be in Colombo until we leave for America in two weeks.  This trip has really gone by fast.  I don’t think we have ever seen so many new things on any trip as we have seen on this one.  The prayers of the saints in America and around the world are making a wonderful difference.

God bless you all. FGBMFA Greenville Chapter Duane Wilt and Colleen Wilt