Newman Smith – FGBMFA Georgia Prison Ministry


Newman Smith – FGBMFA Georgia Prison Ministry


   Now I want you to know that the Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning these words to me.


  "The Spirit of the Lord says I am releasing upon you.


In a greater measure:


1. The God kind of power (dynamis) This will the gift of the working of miracles.


2. The God kind of faith (faith to believe as God Himself believes, this would be the operation of the gift of faith)


3. The God kind of Life.


   I also hear the Spirit of the Lord saying this will cause you to walk in a new Glory. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, you have been having a divine cry in your prayers of intercession, for it is your prayers of faith from my words and they have come up before me as a memorial, as a sweet smell of the fragrance of Christ. Now you will see this new Glory that I am releasing upon you in this season, for you shall operate in the strength of Heaven, out of the divine nature that I have given you...


   Says the Spirit of God and of Living Grace, the Spirit of Living Mercy shall follow you wherever you go. I will go wherever you go and you will go where I go and I shall live and move and have my being in you and you shall live and move and have your being in Me for out of my divine nature, my divine life imparted to you, you shall flow in your hearts desires, for it is I who put those desires in your heart, for you are One with me and I am One with you. For did I not pray for you and all like you while I prayed as the Son of Man full of the Holy Spirit power. ... I prayed Father the Glory that you have give me I have given them that they may be one even as we are one and the Glory of My life is yours, says the Spirit of the One True Living God."


Blessings my brother in Christ.