Joshua Generation on the Move


Joshua Generation on the Move by Christopher Burge, Vice President

Water into Wine!

It's an age-old message of our Father's love, but our hearts are receiving a jolt of that truth in a greater measure in this season. If you have heard the song, "Good, Good Father", then you know the way its message relates to shaping the body of Christ today. I want to tell you that I am personally experiencing the Father shape my life, and the lives of many sons and daughters around me, right now! Can we be honest and say that this road is not always easy, in fact EVEN difficult! This path, not intended for the weary, is chalked with gifts from the Father along the way. We must stay on that path if we want to receive the glory that awaits us at the end of each journey. Let me also say that WE HAVE SEEN BREAKTHROUGH AND IT'S WELL WORTH THE TRAVEL! Our God is faithful and He will finish what He started!

I love that God is sending out messengers to tell of His faithful love. Just before Jesus faced his opponent in the wilderness and His ministry began, He was first given approval by His Father. Matt. 3:17 says, "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased". I can hear the same sound going out over each one of us and it's a sound of awakening, it's the sound of REVIVAL! The sound of our Father's approval is equipping us for battle and for ministry. We have recently seen the graduation of some mighty men of God who were fathering many in the body of Christ. John Paul Jackson, Kim Clement and Bob Bignold were all men who carried the sound of the Father's heart and passed on a mantle to the next generation. I believe there has been an impartation released to many through their lives. What does all this mean for FGBMFA? How has the Father been shaping us? I'm glad you asked.

There is a generation rising, equipped with the wisdom and anointing that has been transferred from those who have gone before them. There is a tangible residue of glory that has penetrated the lives of the next generation and many of them aren't even aware of it. Through the relationships that have been nurtured and cultivated within Full Gospel America among the young people, I have been able to see the Father releasing sonship first hand and it is exciting! Earlier this month, a couple of "Joshuas" and I spoke into the life of a 28-year-old man at Starbucks. I can't count the number of times he said, "That's exactly what I needed to hear!", or "You hit the nail right on the head!" By the end of our two-hour visit, this man was full of hope! He stated that what he had just encountered was exactly what he had been looking for. What happened exactly? Jesus was turning the WATER INTO WINE! Right now, God the Father is taking what has been tasteless and creating wine! The Father knows where his hungry ones are and will set up the perfect opportunity for us to recover that which was lost. He has hidden treasures in each person and with the leading of His Holy Spirit we can unveil those treasures. This same scenario is being played out over and over through the Fellowship. We are seeing the vision of the Holy Smoke Hangout outreach that was given to Jerry DeFlorio begin to multiply across the country. There are young people looking for an outlet to release the passion and gifting that God has placed in them. The Father is speaking His approval over this generation and they can't help but respond. This is where Full Gospel America can take action!

Yet many in the body of Christ have been going through a time of great testing and it has not been easy. By God's grace we are being strengthened for an even greater wave of revival that is about to invade your immediate space. If you have been going through a tough season, I want to encourage you to keep your head up and look around, because the season is changing. "He incubates your greatness through your frustration" - (TD Jakes).

The page is turning and God is revealing His love and approval of you, too. It's time to press in once more and seek the heart of the Father. He desires to move in your life again... now!

Many unique and diverse ministry outreaches are sprouting up all around. This is truly an exciting time, but also a time for the more seasoned trailblazers to walk with these young people. There is so much passion and drive in the Joshua Generation but it requires the support of mature leaders and spiritual fathers. The Father has entrusted us to speak power into the reservoir of a child of God and release the wine of the Spirit. The positive influence we have in a young person's life can catapult them into the realm of God, the likes of which we've never seen or heard before. This next generation needs our friendship, trust, support, and protection. They need someone to echo the sound of the 'Good Good Father' that we know and serve. We are not required to understand it all, but simply be obedient to shepherd them. I believe we have a tremendous charge to create a safe place for these young warriors to grow in Christ. As ministry begins to bloom, we need the people of God to step in with grace and truth to undergird the young people as they learn how to deal with the real issues of life- marriage, family, finances, jobs, and loving one another. I believe God is preparing us for a victorious battle so that we can stand in the promise land together. Everyone can have a part in building the kingdom of God through the next generation!

Alan Schmook, a senior leader and speaker at the recent Texas Men's Advance, delivered a powerful message on working in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When we left that meeting EVERYONE in the room knew they were meant for more and they were qualified to step into the gifting God has made available to them. Revelation was at work as the simplicity of the gospel was delivered right into our laps for the taking.

Since that weekend in November we have seen a tremendous desire by young men who attended, to get more involved with the Fellowship. Several see it as a hedge and overseer of their growth in the things of God. One of them will be starting a Holy Smoke Hangout next year! This is a result of other Joshuas encouraging and praying for a new work to begin.

What a privilege it has been to befriend and mentor these men. I am glad to report that the leadership of our Joshua ministry has been expanding rapidly. There are young men with wisdom and grace coming up who have their eyes on the Lord and follow His Spirit; they are truly "pillars being prepared in the quarry". Expect to see these Joshua's come out of the shadows and spark a flame in your heart! They have powerful, fresh testimonies that must be heard and released through Full Gospel America. I am excited to see more young men rise and join the race many of us have been running for years!

The fruit of your prayers and commitment to God's vision is now coming about, WE HAVE MUCH IN WHICH TO REJOICE! Praise the Lord for causing the increase and bringing the harvest!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.