Hello from India

Hello from India

Nov. 28

It is hard to believe that we have only been gone from Texas for four weeks.  We have traveled to so many places and ministered in new ways.  In some ways the time has passed very fast, however, because we have been very busy with ministry.  Before we started this trip the Lord spoke into both of us that this trip would be very different and would be a trip of new beginnings.  It certainly has been proven true!

We were with Pastor Tom Oothuppan for ten days and had very good ministry there.  On Nov. 18 we went to a home Bible study where there were about 30 people gathered.  Colleen and I both spoke and the people were very receptive.  In the home environment it seems that being close to the people makes a real difference in the level of fellowship.

During this time I fought off a sinus infection for a few days that was trying to get a foothold in me.  With aggressive prayer, vitamin C packets and antiseptic mouth wash it never did get very bad, praise God!

One morning I had just gotten in the shower and was wet and soapy and the water ran out.  They have a storage tank on the roof like most people do here and somebody had not run the pump to refill it.  I couldn’t go out to tell anybody and I couldn’t dry off because I was covered with soap.  Finally someone noticed the problem and turned the pump on (welcome to the mission field).

On Sunday Nov. 20 we spoke in Pastor Tom’s Peniel Church in the morning service.  Four people came to accept Jesus!  Then in the evening we spoke in his downtown church.  The people there were very enthusiastic.  I believe there was a breakthrough there that night.

On Nov. 22 we went to another home Bible study.  There were about fifty people there.  On Wednesday we spoke in Peniel Church for the last time.  These trips are full of hellos and goodbyes and it is always so hard to leave.

On the 24th Pastor Tom took us to a famous tourist attraction where three oceans meet at a single point, the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea.  There were many visitors there and we even met a lady from Australia.  The tsunami a few years ago killed many people at this point.

I did some ministry alone with Sushan and another lady Minie in several of the surrounding neighborhoods. Two women, each on different days received Jesus. It’.s always wonderful when you get to say the sinner’s prayer with someone. These people are all Hindu’s. We just shared the love of Jesus with everyone. Strangely enough the women really embraced me when I would hug them. In times past this wasn’t as well received as this time. As Bro. Duane has said, God has really been doing a new thing!

On Nov. 25 we boarded the train to Chennai.  It left Trivandrum about 5 PM and got into Chennai at 8:20 AM the next morning.  We had berths in a two tier air conditioned sleeper car.  The berth arrangement is like two bunk beds facing each other with another bunk bed across the aisle.  The conductor noticed that Colleen and I had berths a little distance from each other and suggested that she move to my area where we could have two berths one above the other.  She moved and that was a big mistake!  The man who had the other lower berth across from us turned on the ceiling fan and on those trains the fans are like a hurricane.  It was air conditioned anyway and it made it unbearably cold.  She tried to shield herself with the curtain that provides privacy from the aisle but that had to be constantly held.  After a couple of hours I just turned off the fan and we were able to sleep.  I was in the top bunk and the air conditioning vents from the train blew directly done from the ceiling on me.  I pulled the bed sheet over my head and it shielded me.  That night did NOT pass quickly!  However, we finally got to Chennai and Pastor Arthur Devadoss had a young man meet us at the station.  Our hotel is directly across the street from the train station so we just walked there.  I have told some of you already that there is a new ruling being strictly enforced in that area that forbids anyone from hosting a foreign national in their home.  I will explain that more after we return to America.  It sure felt good to get to our hotel and shower and clean up.

On November 26 Pastor Arthur had a special service of thanksgiving in his church.  There were only about a dozen people at that service but I had one of the most powerful experiences with the Holy Spirit I have had in many years!  Pastor Arthur had asked me to come and sit near him at the front.  He was playing praise music on the keyboard and I began to weep uncontrollably.  I couldn’t stop.  It was not a sad, but a joyful wonderful experience.  Pastor Arthur at one point had Colleen and me come up and say what was on our hearts.  I began to read passages of praise from the book of Revelation and I couldn’t finish for the weeping. 

There was some sort of extreme spiritual breakthrough happening and the Holy Spirit was in complete control, praise God!!!  I think that was the most powerful presence of the Holy Spirit I have had since my baptism in Holy Spirit on June 21, 1979.  After the service I went to Pastor Arthur and hugged him and again began to weep uncontrollably for maybe about a minute.  I explained to him what had happened to me during the service.  Something powerful has just happened in that church.

Yesterday Colleen and I both spoke at the Sunday morning service.  However, during the praise service before we spoke I had another encounter with the Holy Spirit.  I felt a presence go through me beginning at my head and going down through my whole body that was like hundreds of tiny pin points of touching.  The last time that happened to me was when I was miraculously healed for the first time in 1971.  Then after the presence left me I began to loudly speak in an unknown tongue while others were singing praises in their language.  That also had not happened to me in that manner for a very long time.  Something is happening in that church and in me that is not of my doing but it is the new move of God that we were told would happen before we left America.

That is about all the news up to now.  As you can see, God is doing a wonderful work through us in India and we still have three weeks to go before we start home.  I am anxious to see what God has in His mind for us next!


FGBMFA Greenville, Texas Chapter - Duane Wilt and Colleen Young