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Thomas Wrona

 My name is Thomas Wrona, and I work for my Father-in-law’s small business, installing solar panels on houses and commercial farms. Although I am still working with solar, my main goal for business in the future is farming. I would like to tell you my story.

I grew up in a Christian home, with wonderful parents and a good family. As a teenager, cycling was my life, and my parents' best efforts to raise me in the Christian faith only pushed me further away. I loved road cycling because I was good at it--by the time I was 18 years old, I had won a national championship, traveled across Europe with the national team, and set a US record that had previously stood for over a decade.

 Even with all the success, I felt unfulfilled inside. It sounds terrible to say, but at the time, I hated God (at least my own conceptualization of Him) and I hated people. Cycling gave me motivation and hope when I had nothing else to hold onto. 

 After many years of training and racing, I fulfilled my dream and became a pro cyclist in 2013, at age 18. I moved to Greenville, South Carolina, to live and train with my pro team. Life was exciting, up until I went out on the bike one day and suddenly developed Achilles tendonitis in my right ankle. 

 I got so depressed seeing my teammates ride long hours every day, while I stayed home alone and watched Netflix. Two weeks of rehab turned into ankle just wasn’t healing. Out of desperation I just started praying, "God, if you exist, then please heal my ankle."  I told my parents about this in a phone call, and they invited me right back home!

 I came home to my parents, and my Dad and I went out on a bike ride. We were going really slowly, but my ankle still hurt. My Dad was encouraging me to trust God, even to the point of being reckless with my injury. I was so offended!  I didn’t want to end my cycling career by making the injury even worse. We stopped on the side of the road, and I took some time to think.

 Eventually, God softened my heart in response to what my Dad had said. The Lord gave me faith, and I took off this little ankle brace that I'd been wearing.  I got back on the bike, and I felt no pain!  I rode faster and faster, and cried more and more.  I felt God's love come with the healing--such a wonderful, otherworldly love. That's the day I was saved. 

 I began reading the Bible, and it was amazing! The Lord did a total transformation within me. He taught me about Jesus, and He gave me wonderful dreams of His love and of Heaven.  I'd dream of Joshua's Jordan crossing and then the next day read about it. I'd dream of being caught up in the Spirit and then read about it in Ezekiel.  Dream after dream was confirmed as I spent time in the Word. 

 Fast forward to the next year, 2014, and I made the choice to stop cycling, and God led me to join a "Becoming Prophetic" group at church.  My second time there, I met Vanessa.  We realized that she’d just moved in a mile down the road from me.  We began to get together at my house and have prayer meetings. 

 One Saturday, our church group was meeting for an outreach day. Vanessa and I were the only people from our group that showed up!   As we grew up in the Lord, we grew closer to each other. Our time ministering together became more and more powerful...the Lord was teaching us how to minister healing to others. I thought back to how my own salvation was ushered in by God’s healing power, and so I loved the idea of being used by Him in this way. 

 Vanessa and I realized we liked each other, so we started dating. Within 12 days, we knew the Lord was telling us both that we'd get married, so we made a commitment to each other right then and there. We went on dates and saw amazing miracles daily.  People would be healed and brought back closer to the Lord (for whatever reason, God has us praying mostly with Christians who are not yet walking in the promises.) One man's leg grew out, one lady got out of a wheelchair, cancer was instantly dissipated, birth defects were cured and broken bones were healed. Ministry was really very easy, and in blessing others, we ourselves were blessed.

 Last fall, Vanessa and I got married. When we got back from our honeymoon, the Lord healed Vanessa from an eating disorder that she’d had for seven years!  Praise God!  Since then, the Lord has been teaching us so much and unlocking biblical revelations in ways that I never could have imagined. He makes every day an adventure as we become closer to Him. 

 What we want to do is become an unfiltered manifestation of God’s love. We want to carry the power of the Holy Spirit everywhere we go. We want to be led by Him continually, so He can direct every facet of our life. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it! We want to personify a Jesus who knows, cares, saves, and heals.

 If you want to feel extravagantly loved, if you want to feel cared for, if you want someone to trust, then look to Jesus. Give up on yourself, and just accept Him as your Lord.  Pray to Him.  Listen to Him. And then expect great things from Him!  Our God is faithful, and He will take you from glory to glory as you yield and let Him make you more like Himself. Don’t let the world distract you, and don’t let people distract you. There is nothing that will satisfy you like God does. 

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