Chasing Your Dreams - Morgen Beams

I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1986 into a dysfunctional family. My father was abusive toward my mom and shortly after my birth, they got a divorce. By age two, I had bounced between homes and had been physically abused until finally being placed in the custody of my grandparents.




Growing up, struggling with dyslexia caused problems with reading and writing, but having been taught the basics about the bible and Jesus, I asked Him into my heart at 10 years old. Being so young, there was so much more to know but no guidance to find it.

My first spiritual encounter with speaking in tongues and healing was at age 14 on a trip to Indianapolis to visit an aunt and uncle. During that outing, it was prophesied over me that I would be a great man of God, and that scared me. Without a foundation in Christ, conflict came into my life. Desiring to know my dad became rebellion, not realizing that I was really yearning for God.

Around age 15, my life began spiraling down with alcohol and drug use. By the age of 17, my dreams of graduating early from high school had been squashed, with my decision to drop out. In 2005 I fathered a son who died at birth. A violation of probation landed me in jail in January 2007 and this was my first glimpse of reality.

On February 7, 2007 while still in jail, my son Morgen Jr. was born. That morning my attorney had been trying to get me out temporarily so I could be present for my son’s birth, but the judge denied it. The judge said, “He is a man and got himself into this situation; he will have to be a man to get himself out.” This statement impacted me and I knew the only way for change would be through God. The remainder of the time being locked up was spent seeking after Him.

In spite of the progress, after being released, I lost my footing again and started living for myself. With no effort and without the proper guidance to surround myself with godly people who could help me, decisions on my own were bad, like my marriage that was completely broken after only nine months.

A friend invited me to her church where I met some people who had something I wanted. They had a genuine relationship with God. They invited me to “Purity Weekend,” which was a young adult retreat. During worship on the second night, I felt God’s presence and was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. This experience completely turned my life around. There was fresh hope over all my struggles. There were changes taking place in my life, including breaking old habits and forming new relationships that would help me draw closer to God. Through this bond, I was introduced to Full Gospel America, where young men can be mentored in life and business.

All my life, questions bothered me about being good enough for God. My first visit to a bible study led by John Schmook, a mighty man of God, confirmed that I had always been acceptable to God. John proclaimed over me, “You are no longer looking in, but on the inside looking out.” This was a breakthrough. I began to hunger after God’s love and His will for my life. I’m learning to trust Him and to turn things over to Him that have hindered me, for many years.

Through everything, God has always been faithful to me and has never left my side, but only carried me through the things I couldn’t handle. A dream that I felt that had been demolished a long time ago was for me to get my degree in mechanical engineering. After this semester, I will have 70 credit hours from PJC with a 3.76 GPA. I am a certified Structural and pipe welder. The Lord has cleansed me and shown me a way in which to walk and has opened doors I never thought possible. I have been accepted into the Engineering Department at ORU!

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