Corey Freeze


My name is Corey Freeze, and I’m the sales manager for Zeeks Construction Company in Quinlan, Texas.

I grew up in a broken home, with a mother in and out of mental institutions, and a father on drugs. I somehow managed to become a Cadet at the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas; with a full academic scholarship with tuition of $20,000 annually. I thought this seemed to be a great step in the direction by the world’s standards, so I seized it. Eventually, I graduated second in my class with full Honors, through my athletic and academic conquest earned an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Halfway through my third semester, I washed out due to a knee injury that ended my football career. I could have stayed and graduated. Instead I used the knee injury as an excuse. I was more interested in finishing my education on the path of least resistance, at a state college like normal people. Although I did pick up something at West Point that was not an asset, it was a taste for narcotics. The pain management therapy that tried to bring me back from the Injured Reserve Rooster on the football team involved Codeine. I soon realized that if I took just a couple more pills than prescribed; I could fade away into a fantasy world of euphoria.   

I came home and spent a year at Texas Tech. I did great my first semester and stayed away from the drug abuse world I had been introduced to at West Point. Soon after, my second semester at Tech, I fell into the wrong crowd started missing class more and more, to pursue this world of euphoria.  I returned home and persuaded by my family to take a year off, and go into a deep separation from the world. If I left the house, it was for church or to spend time with my pastor.  After a little more than a year of discipleship, God began revealing His call on my life. With my pastor’s permission, I began a street ministry in the impoverished areas of Denison, Texas. I started getting opportunities to speak at Youth Events, and offered to be ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) as a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of Gunter, Texas. During my year in the ministry, I completed my Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Communication at Southeastern Oklahoma State University at the age of 24.  A short time later, I was forced to resign from my ministry office due to loose living and not drug use. I was on the verge of going back into that world; but chose to be lackadaisical and not living above reproach. This situation took me over the top. I was driving a little over one hundred miles per hour on the outskirts of Gunter, Texas, trying to make it to a wedding reception. I was already late and knew if I got pulled over for speeding through town, my pastoring career was over. So I chose to use a back road and I tried to outrun the speeding ticket to no avail.    

A week before my speeding ticket, I chartered a bus and took seventy-five youth members to Colorado on a skiing trip. When I started with the youth group, we were averaging six kids on Wednesday Night. After six months, we were averaging one hundred-fifty plus. I was twenty-four years old, and didn’t really know how to handle that type of success. The attention that came with it was too great. I began to believe that it was me drawing the souls in and not God.  He had to humble me and eventually involved me in choosing a five-year battle with addiction before I hit rock bottom.

I knew about religion, but didn’t know a true relationship with God. On August 8, 2014, I went into a Christian Growth Center in Greenville, Texas, known as Victory Life Ministry. This was the same ministry that God used three years earlier to restore and equip my future wife. Towards the end of a three year period, God united the two of us as husband and wife. At that point, she graduated from Victory Life and serving God faithfully on the Worship Team; and singing specials throughout Hunt County at different churches and revivals.  

During that same three year period, I went through Life-on-Life Discipleship and attended the North Texas Theological Seminary under Reverend Dr. Don Smith and I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. This was something that I didn’t think was possible, but I stand to be corrected.  Incidentally, it was a Baptist Preacher that God used to lead me down the road to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  He told me to begin mimicking a heavenly tongue in my mind as I prayed. I felt comfortable in my prayer closet and I began allowing these utterances (tongues) to be released in the air; while simultaneously meditating on the things in my life that I wanted to pray about. I petitioned God to release my Spirit Baptism. I did this for roughly three weeks during my tenure at Victory Life. One day during a corporate prayer session, while following the instruction I received from the Baptist Preacher; a shower of fire came over me. My tongue was released upon my vessel, and sounded like an ancient language I never heard. My Pastor, Raymond Zifer began to disciple me in the laying on of hands and operating in the spiritual gifts of healing and deliverance. Those spiritual gifts are the tools that God has chosen for me to use ever since.   All the things that were made to believe as fiction were real and needed in the ministry that God called me to.

In August 2016, my biological father was living in Detroit, Michigan. I didn’t meet him until I was twelve years old, and have only seen him a handful of times the last 20 years. He told me that he had burned all of his bridges in Detroit and purchased a one-way bus ticket to Dallas, Texas. He asked if there was anything I could do to help him.

My answer was yes, “I can take you to my family’s house to live for a year.”  

I was talking about Victory Life Ministry. He is currently in his sixth month of restoration and discipleship and loves it. God is truly restoring my whole family. My mother has recently received deliverance from nicotine addiction and caffeine, and is being drawn closer each day to the teachings of God. 

God granted me the dream of marrying my best friend and beautiful wife, Lauren Grace. He called us to start a church in Quinlan, Texas, and we started our church in the living room of our home last October, with just a handful of people that believe God had a desire to bring our community back. In less than a year, God has given us our own building.  Our first Sunday Morning Worship Service is going occur on August 6, 2017. My wife is currently enrolled in Christ for the Nations Advanced Degree Program for worship leaders. We are both speechless to say the least, at what God has done, is doing, and what we believe He will do through our ministry.  We give God all the Glory for the Salvation of our souls and the forgiveness of our sins. 


Corey Freeze's Hearing His Voice Testimony

Corey Freeze's Testimony