The Great Outdoors—Rivers

The Great Outdoors—Rivers

   He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. John 7:38

Recommended Reading: John 7:37-38

   God delighted in running His finger across the planet and creating rivers. Four of them watered the Garden of Eden. The Promised Land was watered by the Jordan River, and other rivers provided picturesque settings for many Bible stories, such as the call of Ezekiel by the River Chebar and the founding of the church in Philippi by the riverside in Acts 16:13. This summer, many of us will enjoy the great outdoors alongside a scenic river.

   Jesus used the metaphor of rivers to describe how spiritual ministry should flow from our lives. We quench our spiritual thirst by taking a drink of Him (John 7:37), believing in Him for eternal life (verse 38), and that drink soon becomes a river flowing from our innermost being into a parched world.

   This is an image we can visualize. As you move through your day, meeting people and tackling jobs, see the people around you as thirsty ground, and imagine a river of refreshment flowing from you to them. Be a refreshing person today. Let the river of God’s Spirit stream through you.

   High up in the throne of God are the everlasting springs of divine mercy.

Charles H. Spurgeon