Behind the Hearth by Leander W. Munhall, hymnist

Behind the Hearth by Leander W. Munhall, hymnist

   Is not My word like a fire? Jeremiah 23:29

   In The Pilgrim’s Progress, the character named Interpreter showed Christian a large fire burning against a wall with a roaring flame. A man was throwing water on the fire, trying to quench the flame. Yet the fire blazed all the greater. Christian asked, “What means this?” Interpreter explained that the devil stands in front of us trying to quench our flame for Christ; but then he led Christian behind the wall where a man with a supply of oil was secretly and constantly feeding the fire.

Recommended Reading: Jeremiah 20:7-13

    A lot of things can happen today to quench our motivation and morale, but we have a secret fuel constantly being piped into our hearts by the Holy Spirit—the flammable Word of God. In Jeremiah 20, the prophet Jeremiah grew discouraged and said, “I am in derision daily; everyone mocks me” (verse 7). He wanted to give up, but he went on to say, “But His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, and I could not” (verse 9).

   Make sure your heart is always blazing with fresh truths from God’s Word.

   No word ever spoken by God to His own was ever yet broken; ‘Tis firm as His throne.