What To Do When Coaching Doesn’t Work?

What To Do When Coaching Doesn’t Work?

Dear Friends,

Whenever we are dealing with employee performance problems it is always our hope that effective coaching and counseling will produce quick and permanent resolutions. However, in the “real world,” we are sometimes faced with serious issues or smaller performance deficiencies that continue to build up and stay unresolved. Therefore we are left with only one choice: MANDATE COMPLIANCE! To do that, however, you need to be sure you “cover your bases” by doing the following:

·Clearly reviewed the performance expectation with the employee.

·Explain to the employee that he or she must solve the problem and comply with the rules and standards of the organization.

·Notify the employee that further occurrences may lead to more serious responses up to and including termination.

·Confirm that the employee understands your mandate.

·Close by expressing your confidence that the employee can fix the problem if he or she chooses to do so. Always remember to review your plan with your immediate supervisor and/or Human Resources to ensure that your actions are fair, consistent and in sync with the support you need from “the powers that be.”

Lead Well ... Lead Right,Douglas RaineFGBMFA National Director Outreach and Training