What is the Value Of A Mentor? Who Needs A Mentor? By J. Loren Norris


What is the Value Of A Mentor? Who Needs A Mentor? By J. Loren Norris




Only a fool believes they know all there is to know. Everyone else realizes there are gaps in some area of their knowledge, wisdom, education, or experience in life. Because this is true, on the fool says, “I need no mentor!”


Here are three things you should consider where seeking a mentor, IMHO.


1. Do they have the knowledge or experience you lack?


This could be a teenager with a great grasp of newer technologies or a grandparent with a deep understanding of running a successful business. This could be a parent or neighbor with great insights to navigating complicated relationships. This could be a coach who is focused on a specific skill set mastery with you.


2. Are they willing to share what they know with you?


This can be a trickier question than it seems on the surface. Many cunning and coy leaders will pretend to mentor you because they enjoy the attention and “following” all the while, they are secretly pumping you for information in areas they are blind or weak. This is especially true in industries where tightly guarded secrets have given one family or one business a significant advantage over a long period of time. They really want to know what you already know more than they want to let a secret slip.


3. Do they truly have your best interest at heart?


Similar to the last question, there are many “so called mentors” who really have not mastered the lessons needed to pass on to the next wave of warriors. They really desire to mentor because the of the ego boost it offers them. They are NOT deeply concerned with your success, well being or promotion. They want the opportunity to say “LOOK WHO I MENTORED.”


At some point you will need to contend with their claim to your success. IF THEY HAVE been a great mentor and contributor to your growth, GIVE THEM THE HONOR AND CREDIT for that. If they have not, be prepared to be gracious and let them have the tiny sparkles they steal from you.


In the end, NO ONE wants to mentor the ungrateful. Don’t be that mentee.


If you are looking for a mentor now, I would be honored to be considered. Visit the coaching page and see if we might be a fit.






This is a question may adults struggle with. It is a question EVERY ADOLESCENT HUMAN struggles with. Everyone, everywhere on the planet is anxious to know:




·         Am I unique?


·         Am I wanted?


·         Am I special?


·         Am I worthwhile?


·         Do I have a purpose?


Let me answer with a resounding YES!! You do!!


Everyone with breath in them has a gift, is a gift and can be a gift.


“The most important day in anyone’s life is the day they were born and the second most important day is the day they discover why.” John Maxwell


Trust me when I say you are special. You have a gift. You have a purpose. The world needs you. If you are struggling to find that gift, KEEP SEARCHING, the payoff will be worth every ounce of effort.








SHORT ANSWER: ‘ Cause you don’t wanna be a DUMMY!


LONG ANSWER: Reading enlightens, informs, prepares, educates and empowers people. NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE, but all people, BROWN PEOPLE, BLACK PEOPLE, ASIAN PEOPLE, ANY PEOPLE. If you are capable of reading and desire to be no ones fool READ BOOKS! As many as you can! If you are not capable of reading, lay down your pride and ask someone to teach you. If you have some other reason beside illiteracy, ask some to READ TO YOU - then two people get smarter.


Ignorance and limited access to knowledge have both been tools of control for centuries of human history. The more you know, the less likely you are to be misled, manipulated or enslaved.




Digital data is faster to market than a book, accessed my billions globally and available cheaply. Digital data is also SIGNIFICANTLY MORE susceptible to manipulation, inaccuracies and propaganda.


Books take too much time and money to reprint - replacing them is time consuming and doesn’t go unnoticed. Changing the textbooks in schools requires significant oversight, manipulation of a video can be done my a student hacker or a nefarious force with no one knowing it happened.


Have you seen the video where the parents voice concerns about ads they show up on their TABLET while their elementary aged daughter is playing video games? The “spy ad” is targeting her specifically using the camera on the tablet - different ads appear for anyone else playing the same game on the same tablet. BOOKS DON’T DO THAT!!


BE INFORMED OR BE ENSLAVED - its your choice.


— OH and a good novel can be very entertaining, enjoyable and relaxing too.








Like that extension cord caught on everything in the shed, there are elements of your past which will follow you destructively into your future if you do not consciously decide to disentangle them.


Many people have been convinced that their best opportunity for a future filled with wealth is revenge on someone from their past. Whether it be a lawsuit, an inheritance, a payback or some other form of recompense.


The truth is, seeking either mental/ emotional or financial revenge carries a much stiffer penalty than reward. What it costs in terms of stress, emotional burden, lost hope, perpetual anxiety, internal attacks on self worth and self confidence will often take a greater toll on the ability to earn than the revenge would pay out. (REMEMBER TRUE SUCCESS IS ABOUT WHO YOU BECOME NOT WHAT YOU GAIN)


Most people who WORK HARD for their money, operate with sense of justice as they should. They believe, “If I do right, right will be done TO me.” And it should be that way. But it is not always true.


Sometimes bad guys do win. Some times cheaters do get ahead. Some times injustice prevails. Sometimes corruption is not easily overcome.


But if we’re going to succeed, we need to understand human nature is imperfect and we cannot force change on other people. SO - to move FORWARD TO SUCCESS we must be willing to forgive and forget.


Forgiveness a choice. Its a hard choice. Its an unpopular choice. Its an inconvenient choice. But dragging your past will slow or prevent your ARRIVING IN YOUR FUTURE. To accelerate your success, you must forgive, especially if the offender is YOU!






Most of my life I have struggled with the word SUCCESS. I have fought through seasons of living on food stamps and potato soup. I have also held jobs with near six figure salaries and unlimited income potential.


I grew up hearing “the rich get richer and the poor go broke and its the rich peoples fault.” I have longed for and even purchased a “new car” so new it was before the new year began (more than once).


I have witnessed people with no money to speak of, who are loving, faithful and loyal to their friends, their family and even their job. I have witnessed people who are overcome by a poverty mentality who hate everyone and blame everyone else for their bank balance without taking responsibility for their own laziness.


I have dear friends with great accomplishments, massive wealth and huge notoriety who are gracious, giving and charitable. I have been close to people who have more wealth than can be spent in a lifetime, but their marriages have ended in disaster, sometimes more than once. Their children love them for what they give them and their happiness is as fleeting as the morning mist.


·         Some say money won’t make you happy.


·         Some say the things money will buy and the things you can do with money, will make you happy.


·         Some say money is the root of all evil.


·         Some say it is the LOVE of money which is the root of all evil.


·         Some people use people because they love money.


·         Some people use money to love on people.


In the end, when we all leave this planet for good, MONEY WILL NOT travel with us. The character, the legacy, the reputation of our BEING will be all that travels and what stays behind. Be a person worth remembering. LEAVE GREAT MEMORIES! That is the true measure of success.